Convert Chunk Combine

Day 185 Week 27 Q3 Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Much like driving a convertible car, converting in the creative process involves changing perspectives and embracing new possibilities. This simple act of putting the roof down seemingly changes the entire universe. When I see people driving around in nice weather with the roof up, I always wonder why. The view is just so different, and I crave the change of perspective. Having an unbridled wide horizon behind, in front and on all sides instead being in a capsule only looking in front. Metaphorically, we can put our roof down any time we want and radically change our perspective on what is happening. Live life like you are driving a convertible.

Creative tasks can feel overwhelming, resembling an insurmountable mountain blocking our path. To conquer this obstacle, we embrace the power of chunking—breaking the task into smaller, more manageable pieces. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; a large creative endeavor starts with small, actionable tasks. By breaking down our work into achievable chunks, we remove the overwhelming sense of being stuck and replace it with a sense of progress and accomplishment. Each small step forward builds momentum and propels us toward our creative goals.

I have the opposite problem, the task hardly ever feels overwhelming, but I can still get stuck in the chasm of diminishing returns. Starting is easy and addictive to steep learning curves for people like me. Approaching the destination is also a rush as we see the destination getting closer increasingly rapidly. The middle part of the trip, where diminishing returns dominate, is where it can be difficult to perceive progress. This is when it is time to chunk. If you chunk enough, it can always feel like beginnings and endings.

Once we have converted our perspective and chunked our tasks, it’s time to combine the pieces we already have. This stage involves synthesizing our ideas, concepts, and fragments of work into a cohesive whole. Like assembling the parts of a puzzle, we merge different elements, experiment with various combinations, and explore the connections between them. By combining these disparate parts, we unlock the power of fusion, creating something greater than the sum of its parts. This process often leads to innovative breakthroughs, allowing us to escape the confines of stagnation and produce truly original work.

The process of getting unstuck in creativity is akin to driving a convertible car, where we convert our perspectives, chunk our tasks, and combine our pieces. The next time you feel trapped, embrace the wind of change, conquer one step at a time, and let the magic of creative synthesis ignite you. Remember the power of convert, chunk, and combine.