Cook the Meal Now

Day 343 Week 50 Q4  Friday, December 9, 2022

Cook the meal with fresh ingredients. Some things keep better than others, and creativity is not one of them. Yes, there are some ideas that need to be preserved and perhaps even frozen for a while, but I doubt any of us, especially foodies, can argue the case, that a meal with no fresh ingredients is better than one made with all fresh ingredients. 

When you have assembled all of the ingredients you need to make a meal or a life, it is then time to make it or begin manifesting.  For things deteriorate and eventually go bad. This includes relationships, technologies, brands, and, yes, even ideas. Not everything can be preserved. Do not be a hoarder of potential this and that. You have to recognize when the time to deploy is here, or those avocados you planned on making guacamole with go to hard to soft when you were not looking, especially when the weather is warm.

Well, friends, even though it is winter in my part of the world, the weather in terms of innovation is HOT.  If you have an idea, it is probably time to deploy it. Have you ever asked yourself what the half-life of your notion is? Will it still be good in ten years, ten months, ten weeks or ten days? This can be hard to judge because the world we live in is moving faster than anyone has ever experienced before.

It is hard to tell which way the wind is blowing about facts, evidence, integrity, know-how, and technical or fiscal dominance. Did the number of people living under the freedom of democracy decline in the last decade or two? If people continue to be frightened of the future enough to give away their power to autocracy, as is currently happening around the globe, what will that mean for innovation?

If you are a creative outlier, there may be no better time to advance your ideas, books, products, structures, and businesses because the future looks a little less free than our immediate past. This is not a time to wring our hands or bemoan the loss of potential because there is still more possibility for upward mobility than ever before. The overhead associated with starting a new business or a new genre of artistic expression has never been lower. Marketing and communication costs, design and production costs and new entity formation costs have never been lower. 

But, there is probably no idea freezer or concept case, or insight incubator where you can place these incredibly valuable assets you have been painstakingly accumulating that can protect them. It is time to make the meal. While the ingredients are still fresh. Be in the present moment, not some future where you find yourself saying I woulda, coulda, shoulda. Is there a risk? Of course. If there were no risks, there would also be nothing to gain. Might you fail? Sure, but there is life after failure. Are you absolutely certain you know what to do? I sure hope not because you will definitely be wrong.

But, as has been said many times, ships are safer in harbors, but that is not why ships are built. You, Ms or Mister Creative Outlier, did not come into this world to take NO chances and to also accomplish a small portion of your potential.

So, write that new book of your life, self-publish it, and start that company, lab, studio, band, political party or whatever you think is needed and find out what the next chapter of your creative life will be. Do not hide under the covers where it is warm; the sun is rising on a new hybrid day where new combinations of proximities are beginning to flourish.  Humanity has in part, transcended geographic proximity into a new, never before-seen realm, where ideational proximity is very real.   

For creativity, achieving critical mass to proceed no longer requires you to move to a new neighborhood physically, but it does require you to move mentally to a new neighborhood.  And be aware of the half-life of your ideas, for they will surely spoil at some point, hopefully not before you moved to a new mental neighborhood.  These statements are all just variations on the theme of the deathbed perspective. Do it before you die, or before society dies, or before opportunity dies. The only defense against half-life entropy degeneration is not just being in the present moment but operating in the present moment by acting now using your fresh ingredients.