Creating MeaningPlace 

Day 41 Week 6 Q1  Friday, February 10, 2023

Do you create MeaningPlace in your life? It can come about naturally without any conscious effort on your part. For example, I grew up in a book-worshiping household. No, not the Bible but books in general, for my mother was a librarian, and my parents met in the library. When I first began to visit friends’ houses, I noticed many people had a television in every room, but in my house, we had a bookcase in every room. In fact, I noticed hardly anyone had a bookcase in every room. And as I grew up, I found I was attracted to other people who also had a lot of books around. So I did not have a choice. I was going to be a book person no matter what. And still, to this day, bookstores and libraries and rooms full of books make me feel good. They contribute to my identity. Even though I did not consciously choose this, it just happened. 

But it is also possible to create MeaningPlaces consciously. Or notice places that made you feel good. For example, my wife and I both like hardware stores, and I know my parents did not. I liked building things. Tools and parts were part of my identity that came about not because of my parents. They did not resist me creating a workshop or, as I got older, a recording studio or an electronics laboratory. All of these were MeaningPlaces for me which had nothing to do with parent-guided interests.

Some people get meaning from watching Sunday football or playing Golf with their friends or any number of things not part of my meaning, and hey, there are different strokes for different folks.

Sitting next to a friend or partner while doing two entirely different things can be something that creates meaning for a person. Creating a MeaningPlace does not have to be expensive or complicated, but being able to find meaning when you want or need it is a very useful capability.  Exercising your MeaningPlaces is voting for your identity. It is you voting for you. It can be conscious or unconscious or inherited or invented, but in all cases, it is worth having a place that creates meaning for you to go to.  

It can be defined by you or others and be temporary or permanent. Still, in this crazy chaotic world, it is good to know there are places you can go either physically, intellectually or emotionally that provide meaning. This is especially important for creative outliers who do not always get the amount of meaning from the activities and values that the mainstream provides and reinforces.

If you already have plenty or at least some MeaningPlaces, that is great. If you don’t, then use some of your creative energy to consciously bring some into being.