Creation Completion

Day 96 Week 14 Q2 Thursday, April 6, 2023

The act of creating is one of the more enjoyable things a person can do, especially if they are creative outliers because they excel at this sort of activity. Unfortunately, continuing to create without ever getting to completion is common. This is because the act of creating feels better than the act of completing, that is what we tell ourselves, but perhaps the act of completing is more rewarding than the act of creating, and it is more difficult, so we avoid it.

The common myth is that a stream-of-consciousness outpouring idea results in effortless perfection. It is the story we creative outliers tell ourselves before we get to face up to the fact that completion is necessary.  Creation completion is necessary for many reasons. In addition to having the internal feeling of closure for having completed something that we have embarked upon, there’s also an external reason which is equally important. You are very rarely compensated for creation but far more likely for creation completion.

This is not about changing your priorities; making money more important than creation. It is an acceptance of the fact that if you want to be sustainable as a creator, you need to get money from somewhere. If it is not as a result of your creative activity, it has to be a result of something other than your creative activity, which is likely less exciting to you than the creative activity.

In short, unless somebody else supports us, or we have inherited enough wealth not to have to think about money, we have to earn a living. And if our very favorite thing to do is to create, is it not obvious that earning a living by creating is preferable to the alternative?

This is where the notion of creation completion comes in. It is a habit to be cultivated. You have to allow enough time to complete your creative projects, and this may be a lot more time than it took to come up with the first draft, original, improvised piece of music, or back-of-the-napkin business plan. All innovators know from experience that many revisions are necessary for satisfactory results.

You need to allow enough time when completing one session and before beginning the next, to capture the state of the project so that it can be, returned to and picked up where you left off. This is time-consuming, not always fun, and often frustrating because it takes much more time than you want it to.

There can also be a fair amount of doubt involved because it is difficult to know when some things are done because you can always imagine improving them. 

Although it is not natural for all creative outliers to obsess over completion as much as to obsess over creation, it is necessary to integrate a strong desire for completion into your workflow, or it may never happen.

Creation completion is just as important as starting, and in terms of compensation, it is far more important. It is also necessary if you want to move on to the next project with your mind free to explore and not feel that you have to go back and do this other project before you start the new one.

Creation Completion also determines the difference between an amateur and a professional. Make it a habit so that it comes to you automatically without effort, and you will be much happier and richer.