Creative Communion

Creatives need to hang out with each other for their psychological health. I have seen this over and over again. Although there is a gigantic range of creative people some who are tremendously bottom up and others who are totally top down, they still share more in common with each other than with those who are not creative. Whether conceptually or expressively creative they still come from the perspective that new, different, somewhat risky behaviors, projects and programs might make sense. They are not ossified lapsing into scarcity mentalities even when they do not have many assets. For they can bring assets in to being when needed instead of only collecting and accumulating them. Their approach to life is less bounded and because of thisĀ  they are less constrained by the same predefined limits that those less creative are. This is the population who gives birth to tomorrow. They do not simply exist. They live.

If the sounds like a rant, that is because it is one. The same joy that the normals feel in each other’s company because they all have the same priorities, and are on the same paths, is also felt by creatives on creative paths, when they are in each others company. They are 180 degrees out from tht other outlier group who completely resist change, blindly plunging into their futures with blinders on, desparitely trying to turn the clock back to a time before they were born, when the problems they think they have today, are imagined to not exist. They are neither proactive nor adaptive, but are reactive, unconsciously knee jerking their resistance to the creatives, and wanting to burn creatives books, ideas and ultimately them.

The creatives see the iceberg in front of them from a long way off instead of blindly cruising right into them also have the ability to fly over them by inventing new ways to see and to travel. Creative people are more likely to be ingenious than self righteous. If you think I am biased toward creative people, you are absolutely right, for without them humanity would have died out with all of the other uncreative species that became extinct.

The goal here is not to try to convert people who are not creative into those who are creative. I am frankly not concerned with uncreative people. I am concerned that creative people with their greater tolerance of ambiguity and open mindedness are frequently not convergent enough to be able to take advantage of their creativity and that as some groups in society fearfully cluster looking backward to the past, that the creatives will have a shrinking place in society.

This is why creative people need to hang out with each other. Not to attempt to repress their creativity, for this will result is not only their demise but the extinction of the human race.

Everyone wants to feel okay. No one wants to feel invisible or dismissed. No one wants to feel like the other. Creative people are in general more sensitive than most, so they suffer even more when they discover that the exceptional are often excluded.

Community and culture hold the answer. Creative communities and innovation cultures are much better places for the creative to spend their time. Practice creative communion.