Creative Outlier Business Models

Day 145 Week 21 Q2 Friday, May 26, 2023

What do business models have to do with being a creative outlier? Much of the time, nothing at all, which is why they sat as creative outliers and do not achieve the adoption Innovators do. Insight is imperative. And it has to be followed by articulation in an emotionally relevant manner to your target audience or audiences. What’s that, you say? What do you mean by a target audience and communicating in an emotionally relevant manner?

It is fairly straightforward. If your communication is not emotionally relevant to the people you speak to, they will not become emotionally engaged. And if they do not become emotionally engaged, they will not have much reason to change away from what they are already doing to listen to and take you seriously.  And if they do not take you seriously, they will never be willing to pay the opportunity cost for a new and, therefore, risky endeavor. It is always easier and safer to stick with what they were doing unless it is failing, and then your message is very emotionally relevant.

But to articulate your message in an emotionally relevant manner, you need to know who you are talking to, for clearly, one size does not fit all. I mean, even websites responsively adapt to at least the circumstances of screen real estate. They do not send the same information to phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. And I mean, you are smarter and much more aware than a website, right?

Therefore you have to adapt your messaging to your desired audience, and how do you determine who this audience might be? Well, for starters, it would help if you imagine some sort of business model that might work for both them and for you. If you can not imagine a business model for a particular audience, why are you talking to them? Remember, as a creative outlier, you need to act entrepreneurially to get your ideas or the products of your efforts adopted. In other words, you have to sell yourself and your stuff. This means until you have already made it big and have a reputation and a brand that, someone has to be the one who is championing what you have to offer. 

And do not come back with, well, there is a fine arts market, or a biotech market or any kind of market. Markets do not sign checks; people do. If there is no one you can imagine shaking hands with, you do not know who you are trying to talk to. And it might even be worth writing a paragraph or two called A Day in the Life about this person you would like to be a customer of your ideas.

Just saying Business Models are on the critical path to adoption.