Creative Outlier Scaping

Day 160 Week 23 Q2 Saturday, June 8, 2024

Creative outliers are individuals who stand apart from the norm, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. We do things that most people do not do. This is part of the definition of a creative outlier. The behaviors and rewards that satisfy the more middle-of-the-bell-curve folks do not adequately motivate creative outliers. 

Now let’s take a look at scaping, the act of harvesting scapes when garlic is growing to permit more energy to go into the development of the garlic bulb, which is the set of bound-together cloves. The word “scape” traces back to the Greek “skapos,” signifying stem, shaft, or stalk. In “Landscape” it metaphorically frames the land as a view. “Escape,” derived from the Latin “ex-captura,” means breaking free from confinement—much like a garlic scape emerging from its plant.

Beyond the garden, “scaping” symbolizes unbridled growth. College years become “scaping years,” artists experiment wildly, and entrepreneurs try countless ideas. It’s the initial flowering of human potential, akin to garlic scapes preceding bulb development.

In the metaphorical fields of life, we encounter the wild and unruly phenomenon known as **scaping**. It’s that phase we all experience—the one where we shoot out in every direction, tangling ourselves in knots as we explore, experiment, and seek our purpose. Creative outliers in some ways, continue to maintain our adolescence—a time of rapid growth, exploration, and creative chaos. Just like garlic scapes shooting up, adolescents burst forth, seeking their unique paths. Creative outliers do not stop seeking their unique paths.

Ordinarily, post-college, we escape around—job-hopping, dating artists and accountants alike. Late-night conversations about purpose mix with questionable choices akin to a garlic scape’s rebellious twist. Empty nesters and mid-lifers embark on fresh adventures. They take up zany hobbies, reinvent careers, or hit the open road in a camper van. Their scapes reach new heights.

Even in our golden years, we remain enthusiastic scapers. We can write poetry, wear original outfits, and nurture sourdough starters. Our creativity continues to bloom like late-season garlic scapes. We continue bursting forth, putting out late-in-life scapes, embracing our inner garlic scape. Life’s too short not to explore, create, and grow! 

Some creative outliers permanently live in a state of scaping where we need to trim off some new growth, in order to focus on the main events, the equivalent of the garlic bulb, which after all is a set of connected cloves where most of the flavor lies.