Creative Outliers All

Day 328 Week 47 Q4 Saturday, November 25, 2023

All human beings are born created outliers. We each can adapt to whatever happens, and the primary mechanism we use is creativity. We do not have to teach anyone how to be creative, but we do need to get out of their way at a minimum and maximum help them. This means all of us are potentially able to be innovators. 

The reason we do not manifest more innovation has more to do with the fear of those around us who find it much easier to provide negative feedback than support. It seems like 100 people can say no for every person who can say yes.  It is difficult to ignore all of those nos. Yet some of us do that and continue on to create.  

Some of those who create actually get to innovate. The main difference is that the act of creation does not require others to adopt or accept what you have done. Innovation requires your ideas, works, and insights to be adopted.  This is much harder than simply manifesting some tangible form of your insight. You have to go to traction first in order to scale. Innovation implies scalability.

Until something is scalable, it is not very fundable because the return on investment is not yet demonstrated as being possible. Many books claim to teach Innovation and creativity. They are written mainly by innovation scholars, not people who are Innovation practitioners.

There are so many more people who can discuss Beethoven than those who can actually perform it in front of others. Being creative when you were a child, it’s a very natural thing. It is nonsensical to ask a five-year-old if they are creative. Of course, they are. What happened to that person in the next 30 years?

In general, circumstances beat the creativity out of them, and by circumstances, I mean other people. The act of becoming socialized consists, in part, of letting go of your dreams of creativity. It takes an unusual person to protect the integrity of their creativity and their vision. It is easier if they do not have the same pressures as everyone else. 

It can be much more difficult to be a creative outlier when you’re responsible for supporting others. It is challenging to get paid to do what you don’t know how to do. Assuming everyone is born as a creative outlier, are there things that we can do to hold onto it instead of having it beaten out of us?

You may have to choose more carefully who you spend your time with. Band together with other creative outliers and support each other and each of your creative processes. If you spend time with people who do not value creativity, they will not value you. Even if you are born a creative outlier, you might be tempted to hide this or pretend it is not there and eventually forget that you were born as a creative outlier.