Creativity Grand Slam

Day 116 Week 17 Q2 Thursday, April 25, 2024

And just what is a Creativity Grand Slam? When the body of work opportunity bases are loaded. As of right now, a one-of-a-kind custom daily media-rich blog, an unusual weekly multimedia tech-bus column, and a unique monthly musically-biased, innovation-oriented, creative-outlier TV show, just being tapped to score by a just twelve-hour local mostly at-will music gig where I can probably regularly play as often or as little as I want.

This is truly an unprecedented time, where deadlines and outlets converge into almost complete alignment with desired creating and doing behaviors. Permitting as much or as little writing, music-making, and image creation as desired to contribute to the critical mass of derisking digital collateral, ultimately achieving the Tourable MeaningPlace Sustainable CreaLuc Concertizing Keynoter Goal. 

The regular blogs, columns, TV shows, and expression salons are a cumulative analog-digital body-of-work hang to be perfected with the intimacy and immediacy of a local audience combined with internet reach.

Included are background material for the local gig and foreground material for the television show, where new musical ideas and outlier concepts can be tried out on friendly audiences and then rippled outward indefinitely and delivered digitally in an ultimate repurposing exercise.

This creative grand slam combines daily blogs, weekly columns, a live music performance outlet, and monthly TV shows into an expressive content pipeline.

It is a BIG expression of Behaviors informed by Identity moving toward now realizable Goals. 

In this case, the goal is to move from the creative outlier to the familiar innovator territory by getting traction harvesting infinity within appropriate innovation governance constraints as a scalable MeaningPlace practitioner!  

This circularly combines innovation, innovators, and innovation relationships as addressed by the five-book series fueled by daily blogs, perhaps in a perpetual manner.

Continuing these daily, weekly, and monthly behaviors supports Tourable MeaningPlace Touring as a Concertizing Keynoter as long as musical axes and both kinds of keyboards can be wielded and captured.

The frequency of these tours can be adjusted weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually as the impedance matching between opportunity, desire, and capability dictates, probably for two or more decades. 

Ultimately, this Creativity Grand Slam can potentially score runs often enough for an extended professional run (pun intended) in the majors.