Critical Task Mass

Day 247 Week 36 Q3 Tuesday, September 5, 2023

When the pile of relevant tasks reaches a certain number, a critical mass of you, well, it becomes necessary to move into high gear. Of course, everyone always has a large number of tests in front of them, but they are not all critical, nor are they all meaningful. When you have engineered your life situation into one where the critical tasks are also ones that you very much want to do this is an exciting place to be. It means you have to move into a high-efficiency mode, but not be highly efficient about things which do not have meaning to your life.

It means you have finally derived the set of behaviors that are consistent with your desired identity. It also means that the granularity of the tasks is such that it is now well matched to who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to get there. All of a sudden project management becomes far more emotionally relevant because it is on your critical path to becoming who you want to be. This means the 20 different methods you have entertained for project management can now focus on and become the most obvious and straightforward one.  It means full steam ahead and take no prisoners because you were now on the path you were always intended to be on.

It also means that your buffers are full and your degrees of freedom are now limited. This is worth thinking about especially if you have had an unusual amount of freedom for unusually long period of time. This means that if you have been acting like a retired person or even a semi retired person that the gloves are off and you can no longer do so. It means you are now fully engaged once again, and it has been a while.  Also, I do not know if I have ever been as fully engaged in a set of tasks that made this much sense for me personally. They may have made sense for my employer, or my parents, my spouse, my friends or society. But they have not made this much sense for me personally. 

This seems to be a missing another zoom out of energy to get things done, and I’m going to take advantage of this and surf the wave as far as it can take me. And my suspicion is that it can take me quite far. Perhaps even further than any previous wave.  So what is there to wait for? It’s time to get up, and get moving, right now. 

In fact, it even seems like somebody wrote a song about this. So now get started and now get moving and find out what to do and find out where to go right now.