Crumple Digital Paper

Day 335 Week 48 Q4 Saturday, December 2, 2023

Do you know how, when you were writing before electronic devices on paper? Sometimes, you have to crumple up the piece of paper, throw it away, and start again. In fact, we did this with typewriters as well often but not for a long time, and I guess we have all had personal computers for at least 30 years and for some of us for 40, but sometimes we still have the same problem which is my need to crumble, a digital paper in order to get a fresh start.

The problem is we have multiple cloud accounts, backups, and other digital tethers to our previous utterances and identities. Sometimes, you just need to do email, a new login, a new cloud account, and a new computer, with which to create your new identity and to make a break from the past.

Do you sometimes need to do an identity reset to get rid of all of those spam emails clogging up your daily life?  We can become just as digitally loaded as super-sizing tends to make us physically. Everyone tends to assume that more is better, but it’s just a lot harder to move around more than it would be if we only had to move around less.

If a person is significantly overweight and loses that weight, it is like putting down a backpack they have been carrying for years. The same can be true digitally as well. We can have terabytes of cloud accounts with more information than we know what to do with, and it can be simpler to do a reset.

I know we can be very attached to all of those backups and cloud accounts and all the passwords that we did, but remember, before our generation, no one had this pile of data to carry around and be limited and constrained by. If it is not enabling, should it be jettisoned like a booster rocket to get us into orbit?

I suppose it is possible to have the old and the new at the same time by owning more than one computer, and instead of using one to back up the other one, use the new one as soon as escape pod from the prior pile of digitally accumulated detritus.

This is when it is time to crumple the digital paper. It’s sort of things around like plastic on our seashore that just accumulates and takes a lot of effort to sort through and toss. I wonder if we can let go of that mountain of prior thoughts if we could fly higher and faster and better starting from where we are right now?

I guess you never know until you try. Do the experiment. See how much faster you can move without carrying a pile of past messages and data on your back.  Sometimes you just need a new job or a new office or a new car or a new house. Why not a new digital identity?