Day of Rest Reset

Day 342 Week 49 Q4 Saturday, December 9, 2023

The idea of taking a day off is a really good one. And evidently, it has been around for a very long time. If every day is the same, you get burned out, and there are different categories of things people need to do. Having a delimiter day is not a bad idea. What can be done, and what should not be done? Well, this depends on you, not on some ancient scriptures, although I imagine that our nature has not changed much in thousands of years. The things that bother or excite us have probably not changed much. The wisdom literature dates back to when writing became possible, and before that, it was still an auditory story, but we know we can at least go back a couple of thousand years to Marcus Aurelius, who essentially said by the time we were forty we had been exposed to the major themes of life. Love and loss, death and success and failure. He said that from 40 out, there were just variations on the themes we had already dealt with, and I suspect this is still true. 

It does not matter so much if it is a four-day work week or a six-day work week, as long as it is not a seven-day work week. Everyone needs to take a break, and an hour is not enough. It takes longer to chill out, and we all need to chill out. There is a lot of tension and stress in life, and I suspect there always was and always will be. Pick whatever day you want and define it however you want, but take a day of rest on a regular basis. Working like a fiend for three years and then taking off a week or a month does not do the job.

We need recovery more often than that; we need to exercise regularly to be in shape. Fifteen minutes every day is far more valuable and beneficial than a once-per-week, two-hour workout. A day of rest is more valuable than a vacation. Now, what constitutes a vacation or a day of rest is highly individual. You get to invent what you need and can iterate until it works.

Find a way to take a day of rest. Take it from someone who used to drive and work and put out energy until I got sick and had to recover. It is better not to get into a situation where you have to recover in the first place.

Pace Yourself – take a Day of Rest.