Dedicated Hardware

Day 128 Week 19 Q2 Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Our computers have become Swiss Army knives with a thousand blades. They can do more things than we can imagine. Still, a dedicated screwdriver is better than the screwdriver blade in your Swiss Army knife. Many of us use our computers for our professional lives, our personal lives and our creative lives, which may or may not have the same requirements. The difference between a desktop and a laptop is primarily screen size, and this matters a great deal for content creators, especially if they are not only creating text.

Yes, I know some people are trying to move the other way and manage their entire lives on tablets and others on just phones. Sure, you can also slice bread and open a bottle of wine with your Swiss Army knife, but this mostly makes sense when you are young, mobile or in a pinch when you do not have the right tools available. There is something to be said for the camera and recorder that is always in your pocket. 

Unless you have been really good at selling or trading in your prior electronics, many of us have older computers, phones and tablets lying around. Creative outliers are even more likely to accumulate multiple tool kits, sometimes for special purposes. And much, if not most, of our tech, has become so much lower cost as to become an expense, not a capital investment needing to be amortized.  We also do not like the downtime between getting rid of one device and bringing up the new one. If you are a professional content developer, you rarely can not stop working for the two or more days it takes to install your apps on a new computer.

There is a great opportunity in this. Computers that are not that old are still very useful and more than up to many of the tasks you were already using them for in the past. Two very concrete arguments for dedicated hardware involve seen size and ports. If you are a graphic designer, you need a large screen; if you are a musician, you need ports to plug in instruments, speakers and microphones. And both need a lot more storage space than writers whose entire lifetime of writing can be smaller than a single music video.  It also takes a lot of time to plug things in. What if you took an older computer and not only left it plugged into all of your music gear but left the primary apps running and dedicated the entire storage available to content?

The overhead associated with the creative process can be radically shrunk to the point where stream-of-consciousness capture can be commenced in under a minute. You can have multiple dedicated workstations using your older tech if you have the space, and it can be absolutely free.

The overhead associated with composing music has just shrunk from hours to minutes to seconds, radically improving the quantity and quality of my output.

Here’s to dedicated hardware.