Delivering Value

Day 183 Week 27 Q3 Monday, July 1, 2024

When starting a new Enterprise, the first question to address is whether you are delivering value. The subsequent question, ‘Does anybody care?’ Or, in simpler terms, ‘Is there a market?‘ is equally important. You won’t know if there’s a market until you take the crucial step of attempting to serve it. Understanding the market is key. You might argue that others are serving this market, which implies the existence of a market. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you are delivering value. Serving a market doesn’t automatically mean you’re delivering value. It’s the value you provide that truly serves the market.

Imagine a willing market to which you can deliver value. If you cannot imagine who might be benefiting from what you wanted to deliver enough for them to pay for it, then you might want to think twice about embarking upon that path. If you can imagine a willing market, then it is time to begin to prepare a set of tests to find out.

Today is the first day of a new quarter, a new month, and the second half of the year, which is a leap year with 366 days. Therefore, finding ourselves on day 183 is exactly the midway point. It’s even somewhat close to the summer solstice when the days are beginning to get shorter again.

In these uncertain times, it’s crucial to remember that adaptability and innovation are not just tools but our greatest assets. Society’s current state, with its polarization and politicization, may be uncomfortable. Still, as long as we preserve the ability to adapt and innovate, we cannot only survive but also thrive and ‘Harvest Infinity ‘.

Alternatively, if Society moves in a direction where change becomes impossible, then we will not be able to adapt to our new circumstances and thrive or possibly even survive. Understandably, people would like to focus on problems. They can get their arms around and think they can solve. We all do it. If we have an important project due tomorrow, then we can choose to clean our closet. Instead, this is an example of that avoidance and escape into a problem we know we can solve.

However, sometimes things become so unsustainable that they require change. If that change is not permitted to occur, the outcome is likely to be disastrous. There is a market for the positive message that we can employ our superpower to adapt, change, and innovate to deal with whatever circumstances arise.  These messages need to be delivered compellingly and positively, which means they have to be delivered in an emotionally relevant way, for that which is not emotionally relevant is rarely emotionally engaging.

Change is difficult. It requires a great deal of effort, which will not be put forth unless it feels emotionally relevant to those who need to be engaged in delivering that effort. Making information perform is one way to increase its relevancy. Words accompanied by and supported by music are more likely to sink in.

Using music to increase the stickiness of words increases the chance of delivering value.