Demanding Branding

Day 309 Week 44 Q4 Monday, November 6, 2023

Suppose you are planning on selling anything, including yourself. Not into slavery, but selling services you provide, and perhaps these may be related. Seriously, I am sure you have noticed it is much harder to buy or sell a noname no brand product or service. 

The brand is a value multiplier.  The lack of brand is a value divider. Would you pay more for a known brand than an unknown brand? The brand can be a kind of codified reputation. If you went to Harvard, are you worth more in the marketplace? Is that part of the reason to go? Brands, degrees, and other credentials all speak to reputation.

I did not go to college to get a brand; I went to learn something. If I knew then what I know now, perhaps I should have accepted that scholarship to a more prestigious university. No, I would not. At the time, that decision made sense.

I am not recommending you spend your life trying to become a brand and a packaged reputation. No, the learning still matters more to me than the label. In fact, your brand can be the down-to-earth, not fancy school brand. The same is true for your wardrobe, your car, and your friends. I am not saying go with the flow and follow the flock.

What I am saying is if you do stand for something, then let it be known. If you want to sell your art, your inventions, or your services, the brand can be unconsciously stated s in I am what I am or it can be crafted. I am not saying you should be different than you are. Just be conscious of what you are projecting if you are trying to sell something.

I spent most of my life truly not caring about money, brands, or even appearances, and I am not about to reverse myself. I am simply saying that if you are a creative outlier, there is an excellent chance that you will end up self-employed, and that means you will be in business. If so, then you should know what business you are in and be able to consistently communicate it, as this will make it easier for everyone around you, including all of the stakeholders.

As soon as you make a website, you are beginning to declare a brand. What, you think you do not need a website? If you are trying to sell something and have competition, you probably do.  What, you think you have no competition? Think again. All customers have choices. You do have competition.

Which means you do need a website. This means, conscious or not, you are declaring some sort of brand by your actions. If you do it consciously, it will most likely be better.

I’m just saying that being a creative outlier demands more branding attention than being a straightforward employee.