Diagram Directivity Dependency

Day 246 Week 36 Q3 Monday, September 4, 2023

Visualization of activities can give you a Birds Eye view that simple to do lists can not. A diagram can permit simultaneous activity, rapidly illustrate dependencies, and pre-visualize direction all of which are examples of greater dimensionality than words can provide. The act of diagramming also seems to use different parts of at least my brain than words or lists. This is why project planners frequently use a variety of diagramming techniques. They expose steps you might otherwise leave out but when tracing a path to get somewhere it becomes obvious where you have to get first. 

This provides the unusual combination of greater conceptual abstraction and greater specificity at the same time. When setting out on path as we all do every day, diagramming makes it easier to pick up where we left off. At least it does for me. To be sure checking off items on a to do list, either on paper or digitally, has value and for some people who are more word oriented and subscribe to the linear rational universe theory of life and behavior, may be the best way to go. I would imagine Creative Outliers to be less likely to be linear or even rational, because creativity is more about what does not exist. And the creative act may seem to be linear and rational when setting out but projects tend to take on a life of their own as they rapidly move into greater ranges of dimensionality.

There is a difference between directivity and path following. Creative processes may move in particular directions but there may also be a lot of changing of direction during the processes. Even diagramming can become overly circuitous as it grows and then can sometimes seek to cross over itself, or splinter into multiple parallel simultaneous activities. This is when a rethinking of what has to be done often is required to clarify and distill the essence of where are you going or where is this process taking you.

At some point in time within the diagramming process latent dependencies are exposed, and multiple types of directivity are revealed. This provides an excellent mechanism to address these issues before the actual work has proceeded to the point where it has to be significantly redone. It is fr easier, faster and less costly to fix problems either before you start or in preproduction as opposed to post production. Ideally editing should occur before you ship the product or project.

Also there can be just in time diagramming which address in far greater detail  what is immanent and could not have been seen clearly from too great a distance. Therefore although diagramming may seem like the big picture perspective it can also be the present moment perspective at the same time. And of course you can have time trying diagramming. Make new ones often.