Directional Convergence

Day 154 Week 23 Q2 Sunday, June 2, 2024

In order for directional convergence to occur, there has to be a single context within which multiple dimensions can exist at once. This is undoubtedly a tall order for a creative outlier entering his eighth decade. But it is happening right now, and that is very exciting: the integration of a lifetime of activities into a single media-rich, non-linear, interactive body of work. 

There are currently over 1000 pages of blog postings by the same individual. These include over 200 pieces of mostly improvised original music and 100 pieces of visual artwork, many of which were collaborated on using artificial intelligence. This is over 500 minutes of music and 250,000 words of copy! Depending upon the viewing size of the images, there are enough illustrations to support five two-hundred-page books as well as ten albums of music. There is also now at least an hour of audio video content of just Howard and another two hours of interviews and eighteen thousand-word illustrated columns.

I think one could call eighteen columns, five books, ten albums, and four TV shows a body of work, and the pile is growing every month by four columns, an hour-long show, and 15,000 illustrated and musically accompanied words of blogs that could be another book and four albums every four months. I think I am covered. is it garbage, or is it good, and how do you curate it and edit it? Well, I will have to hire someone to do this! Or I go through the tagging and editing using a pile of AIs to help me.

Let me repeat this: hundreds of thousands of words, hundreds of minutes of music, and hundreds of images connected and supported each other to deliver a hopeful message to creative outliers everywhere that they, too, can innovate.

Can an innovation institute be derived from this, or was this derived from an innovation institute? Or did they both give birth to each other? And what else might emerge from a practice that yields 200,000 words a year, supported by 1000 minutes of music, 500 images, and 10 hours of video? If I do this for a decade, there will be another 2 million words, 5000 images, and over 100 hours of video.

And one site to rule them all.

Let the games begin!