Distraction Management 

Day 337 Week 49 Q4  Saturday, December 3, 2022

Do you have more interests than everyone around you? Do you have more interests than there is any chance of following up on in this lifetime or even a few more? Do you also have a backlog of ideas waiting to become interests and explorations waving to become projects and projects waiting to be completed so you can start now ones? Are you generally reading several books at one time?

Welcome to the creative outliers club. All creative outliers share these tendencies. That is, in fact, is what makes them creative outliers. Do you know how your stuff expands to all of the available space, and your tasks expand to fill the available time? Well, your mind, is no doubt larger than your physical space and available time? You can always push a few more ideas, insights and projects in there.

Have your friends ever told you that you were the world’s best starter, but no one ever told you that you were a world-class finisher? Have you ever wanted to be less gifted to have fewer options? It could be time for a distraction management campaign. This can be as involved as getting a larger space, acquiring a storage space, going on a trip, taking a walk or a ride, or simply throwing a blanket over of pile of unfinished projects. 

Whether you think of yourself, or others think of you as gifted, being an outlier, or simply having an inconvenient number of interests and or an unnecessary abundance of energy, you find yourself in the same place.  Time to reduce distractions so you can focus on results and completion instead of contemplating possibilities.  

It does not matter how; as I am sure you can imagine, an infinite number of ways to not only be distracted, but to limit distractions. What does matter is when you do it instead of planning to do it. When to do it is right now, as in immediately. Create some boundaries, and do not worry. They will only be temporary because the expansion part of your psyche is involuntary, just as the way the universe tends toward increasing entropy.

Pick a small hunk of time and a small hunk of work and connect them.

That is all. Perhaps you have already done this many times. No doubt you have. Why not do it again today?  After all, it is certainly possible to hide behind too many ideas. In fact, we sometimes come up with more ideas to spare ourselves from having to process the perfectly good prior ones.

No harm, no foul; just try a bit of distraction management sooner than later.