Do It Anyway

Day 019 Week 03 Q1 Friday, January 19, 2024

There are always things that you do not want to do. Creative people are not so hot at repetitive, mindless tasks like bookkeeping, tax preparation, filing paperwork, cleaning the house, and other entropy-reducing tasks. After all, they do not stay done but get messed up again and again and require more fixing, cleaning, and organizing.

There is only one antidote to entropy, and that is conscious cleanup. It may be a drag, but unless you have a trained staff working for you to dedicate these things to, you still have to do them.  And good luck finding and training staff, for even if you have the means to pay for the help, you might find out that the people you prefer to spend time with are equally chaotic and decidedly not bean-counting anal-retentive detail-oriented subordinates lacking the creativity to do their own thing.

This is a serious problem – you might like spending time with people who are like you, and they are not that likely to be able to be delegated to very effectively unless they are broke and you are rich. It often turns out it is simply faster to do these things yourself, and once you come to this conclusion, then you might consider creating routines that have entropy reduction built into them, like doing the dishes while you are cooking.

Or restoring your work area to being organized as you are completing a project so you do not have to first spend a half hour cleaning before you begin when the next creative impulse strikes. I so hate wanting to cook a meal but having to do dishes first to be able to get to the countertop or sink.

I have a friend who rented a workspace with six rooms so he could have six different projects going on at the same time and just switch rooms. It worked for a while but ultimately became not very reasonable after he messed up all six spaces.

Do you know how the last ten percent of a project can take another 90% of the time? You spent 40 hours and are 90% done, and then you need to spend another 40 hours to get the last 10% done. You are not alone. It happens to the best of us. This is the reason to try to complete assignments before they are due.

I know you may not feel like doing something right now but do it anyway because it will not likely get done by itself unless you think the need to do it might go away.

Do It Anyway