Do It Now

Day 218 Week 32 Q3 Monday, August 7, 2023

It is possible to spend one entire life planning to do something. And yes, it is true that most goals are never met as they can always be put off. But behaviors can not be put off, especially if they are habitude which is the reason for creating good habits in the first place. If you get into the habit of doing what needs to be done, then you will do it without thinking for habits are, by definition, automated behaviors. 

You can automate goal setting, but that is not the same thing as goal achieving. Some people can I suppose, automate goal achieving, but alas, I am not one of them, for I have way too many goals, and it is not possible to a priori list one’s life goals or the ones that make the most sense because they make the most sense at what point in time?

You can still be following goals that came up, declared and committed to, long ago, but they may no longer be relevant as the world is always changing and you are also always changing. There is such a thing as the present moment, and the world looks different depending on where you are. No, if you never change where you are, then the world can always look the same to you, which is a good reason people living in small worlds are resistant to change.

Spend your entire life in a single mind et, in a single location, and you too will be reluctant to change unless you wake up one day and decide you can’t take it anymore and blow things up. People quit jobs, sabotage relationships, and do all sorts of things that indicate they are no longer feeling the same way they did before. This does not make them evil; it may mean that they are changing and perhaps even growing, and perhaps their circumstances are no longer suitable.

I, for one, am now choosing to focus on behaviors more than goals and on relationships more than projects, as both relationships and behaviors last longer and are not better predictors of the future than goals and projects, which after all, may never be ached or even approached but may remain in ones mind like anchors to a time past or dreams lost.

Whatever you think you are about today, right now, pursue it. If you are not working on your dreams and goals and plans, then change them, for they are not realistic or at least not realistic at this time. If you are living a life getting ready to do what you know you need to do, then life will pass you by, and you will still not have done it.  This will mean you have not lived the life you want, which would have to be pretty frustrating.

Do not waste any time being frustrated. Do it now, or take it off the list.