Don’t be Suboptimal

Day 333 Week 48 Q4 Thursday, November 30, 2023

All of us have many modes of operations, some of which are far more efficient than others but are, perhaps, disturbing to circumstances we find ourselves involved in. We need to ask the question if the circumstances need to change, or if we need to change, and who will care if we change. Instead of blaming others for doing things in ways that are suboptimal, we might ask ourselves if we could, in fact, affect the changes we want to in the way we operate, that nobody really warns, and that all of our concerns are projections and not reality.

We may, in fact, have been blaming others for us, performing in sub-optimal ways, even if we know that we could be doing a lot better. We have to ask ourselves how many of our obstacles are real and how many of them are self-imposed. It might turn out that we are afraid of success. And hiding behind excuses.

At what time in our lives do we need to stop this behavior and stop being sub-optimal? When is it time to embrace our full potential? Is this a function of money? Or a function of time? Or a function of who we are with no? I suspect all of that has to do with our psyche. When we are ready, we will be ready, and at that point in time, all of the excuses can drop away.

It is fascinating to contemplate that the majority of the obstacles in our life are different manifestations of our self. There may not even be any external forces in our lives that are causing us problems, and we may not have even noticed this. I wonder why this is so. I wonder why some of the time we are self-sabotaging? On the other hand? Maybe it is time to stop wondering and just get on with life.

Maybe each of us needs to be our very own therapist. And to step outside of ourselves and take a look from the outside at who we are and what we are doing. It can be easier than we think. It can be so easy that it is hard to understand why we have not done it before. But perhaps the time for self-analysis and self-calibrating can be significantly reduced in order to spend much more of our effort in getting where we want to go.

Are you ready? Are you ready to stop being so optimal? Are you ready to inhabit your full power? No one but you could answer that question. But it is undoubtedly a question that is worth asking. If not now, then when? You could spend your entire life waiting to be who you are, or you can simply be who you are right now, and whatever happens happens. Just go for it. And don’t be suboptimal any longer. I give you permission, but more importantly, you have to give yourself permission.