Doors and Windows

Day 117 Week 17 Q2 Friday, April 28, 2023

As a creative outlier, I tend to notice doors and windows. I mean this metaphorically. The straight and narrow fails to engage me much of the time, and I am always looking for a way out. Even if I am the one who created the straight and narrow path to accomplish the goals which I have defined for myself. I often create options at a greater rate than they can ever be exercised. In fact, I have a stash of options that exceeds my life expectancy, as I suppose many of you do too.

Just because you notice that you have many options does not mean you have any hope of following all these potential paths. Potential energy is thrilling, but kinetic energy is what gets the job done. I’m speaking of the relationship between work and energy here. I do not know how to get out of the habit of creating options because I am an involuntary innovator, but sometimes this can handicap you because you really want to complete something before moving on to the next thing.

There are several domains where I have prohibited myself from having new ideas until I complete the old ones, and this may not make sense because the new ideas might be better than the old ones, but if you never complete the old ones, you can never find out, can you? This is the dilemma of having too many ideas and why it is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, we could notice all these doors and windows, even create a few more doors and windows, and even create a few more walls and staircases and skylights, but think of all of this effort that goes into option creation and option evaluation. This time could perhaps be better spent simply on manifesting your old dreams instead of pursuing new ones.

For example, I am attempting to dictate today’s blog posting instead of typing it. I can speak much more quickly than I can type and spell correctly. I never learned to type and habitually use different fingers for different letters, depending on how I feel at different times. I also have a tendency to do this when playing the piano. It’s hard to get terrific technique and maximum speed when you constantly change which keys are associated with which notes and which letters.

A big part of life is doing things that are not ideation or option generation, which can still be an addiction that does not help anybody, not even the person doing it to escape normal responsibilities. So yes, there are many visible doors and windows. Just because you are aware of them does not mean you have to look through or walk through them. Sometimes we just need to stay on the path we are already on.