Dotting I’s Crossing T’s

Day 361 Week 52 Q4 Thursday, December 28, 2023

Dotting I’s Crossing T’s

The act of creation is messy. Hey, supposedly, even God rested a day. Whenever we do a deep dive into a project, we are likely to make a mess. Scraps of paper pieces of ideas works in progress. The mess comes about effortlessly, but cleaning up after it not so much. This is why when you are done with a project, you’re not done unless you have allocated time to restore conditions to where they were before you made the mess.

It generally takes a substantial amount of time to clean up, which is why most creative people have dedicated workplaces to do their creative work, which they do not have to clean up. But if you are a cook, and you make a meal, and you are prevented from making a second meal until the first meal is cleaned up, then it is worth your time to clean up as part of the process of creating the meal.

There is a lot of processing required in life to reduce entropy to the point where you are able to move forward, and sometimes, I think we create a mess to prevent ourselves from moving forward. This can be a particularly insidious type of procrastination. Or a false way to feel like you were done when you were not really done. How much time is necessary to clean up? How much cleanup is enough? These depend on the kind of thing you are doing. But whatever you were doing, there is cleanup required, and it may be substantial. In fact, it is likely to be substantial.

Some people are terrified of blank pages. I am terrified of the full page that needs editing. A blank page or clean slate. if I am composing a piece of music or writing a book or inventing a new product or new market category, I love it when things are not very defined. I like actually something new from disorder, but that does not mean that I want to operate within a disorderly place. It means when you are dealing with a new field, there’s not such a mess of prior knowledge to process and prior people and baggage to deal with. I, for one, would much rather deal with the unknown and the undefined.

The way I figure, if the process that is required is routine, then they don’t really need me to do it. My greatest value is dealing with situations where nobody knows what to do. This is why it is so difficult for me to clean up because there is nothing unknown about it. Since it is totally known, it is mostly totally boring. But I do have to admit that it is a great curiosity why it is so difficult to clean up, and therefore worth some scrutinizing.

For, after all, this is one of those situations, and nobody knows what to do, including me. Time to dot my I’s and cross myT’s.