Dual Actionable Vantage Points 

Day 104 Week 15 Q2 Saturday, April 15, 2023

Most of us are not involved in a single initiative at a time. The vantage point, which is optimal for one project, is not necessarily the same as for another one. They can be mutually exclusive. For example, your writing and musical performance careers require you to be in different parts of the world on the same day. 

Our complex multidimensional lives can look like a zero-sum game when reduced to linear hierarchical depictions. But we live in nonlinear times and could attend activities thousands of miles apart in minutes by succumbing to being digitally present for one or more activities. 

Is this less desirable? It depends on the perspective. Needing to be in more than one place at a time can increase the perceived value of your brand. Perhaps celebrities practice artificial scarcity? I have no idea, but they could. 

Is it better to put all of your eggs in a single vantage point to support a single career priority? Some people have had one career, one residence and one partner for their entire life. These people may have found a perfect set of dimensions to play in. Not everyone is so fortunate, so some either need to or prefer to be involved with life in multiple manners. It is certainly possible to pick Actionable Vantage Points dynamically, adjusting them as we progress in our desired direction. 

Some vantage points are near each other ideationally, not physically. Some of us juggle far more than two different actionable vantage points, but it helps if there is a way to view them as proximal. 

Some bookkeepers can maintain the books of a pet shop and a software consulting firm. Many jazz musicians play flute, sax and clarinet, and many bass players also play guitar, but fewer guitar players play bass for more reasons than it is worth mentioning here. Our marvelous brains can accommodate multiple careers, interests and relationships simultaneously carrying around multiple actionable vantage points. 

Find points of view that make things most clear. There is never a single point of view. Perspective is dynamic and time-varying, just as reality is. Most discord can be reduced or increased by changing perspective. Become fluid at changing perspectives to serve the situation and to serve you at the same time. 

Success is so rarely a linear path. Many celebrated people have faced discouragement and disappointment on their way to greatness. Finding the right perspective to combine it can be like crossing a portal into a superior parallel universe. 

But much of the time, you have to step back and find that appropriate perspective, and it may take many attempts to find the combination of AVPs that can support the goals and dreams you hold within you. 

One is on the way to two, and two is on the way to more than two. As soon as you can master Dual Actionable Vantage Points, you can then try more.