Expressive Bean Counting?

Creative outliers tend to be more concerned with expression than they are with recordkeeping. And diligent recordkeeping, accountants and financial people tend to shy away from Freeform expression. At least this has been my experience. I think it is so because people who really enjoy capturing records, and get off on the notion of being super organized and orderly to not to be the same people who would like to prance around on the stage or wildly expressed himself with large large gloves of paint on big canvases on the floor. But what about an architect? Architect slight to create structure and context, and surely this is a creative act. I guess there are ways to be creative in how you capture and memorialize your thoughts, after all, there is such a thing as Literature and purports to do this. There is, however, a difference between the performing arts, and the fine arts, and that one is more expressive and the other is more solitary.

Whether you hire somebody to do your bean counting Oregon, convince yourself to do it yourself, it does need to be done. Otherwise, you will spend an inordinate amount of time searching for things, including the ones that you created, and the materials have accumulated in order to create new outpouring. Perhaps the way to have order and also expression is to integrate entropy reduction into the post expressive mode. Perhaps after creating a great meal and messing up the kitchen, do you need to allocate some postmeal time to clean up otherwise, the next time you try to express yourself and the kitchen you will not be able to because you first have to cleaned up yesterday’s mess.

It can be very helpful if you find a way to express entropy reduction in a creative manner. For example, can you use color coating on your files? Or interesting yet understandable and storage methodologies. It doesn’t matter how you figure out how to do it but if you are an expressive person you are going to need to do some counting as well. Perhaps it can be a meditation? Or perhaps it can be a way of keeping score? Or perhaps it can simply be away of seeing if you are progressing towards your goals? How you do it, you are not going to be able to get away with avoiding it. Either you have to do it yourself or find someone else to do it, and likely have to pay them to do it unless you’re taking advantage of someone which is not recommended.

Remember as a creative outlier, one of your roles has to be to be the chief executive officer of yourself. And this is more addressable by being attached, then over the top, emotional or stent.. Find creative ways to do expressive being counting, and then Jines will be counted and you’ll have less chaos in your life. It may be less fun than creating, but it’s much more fun than not knowing where you are, and not being able to lay your hands on or in progress to complete them.