Fall Equinox

Day 265 Week 38 Q3 Saturday, September 23, 2023

Today is the time of the year when half of the day is in darkness, and half is in light, and the change is at 7 AM and 7 PM and there are also 100 days left in this year. This is an excellent time for a reset or rebalancing of light and dark and whatever else we need to balance within us. 

I have never thought of the fall equinox having anything to do with this balancing, but I have thought of it as a time for a reset and can use all of them I can get. Considering balance is interesting as everything changes and moves, especially when caught up in creative processes.  The notion of integration feels even more powerful as a person of integrity may not have to spend as much energy rebalancing.  Balance implies a precariousness that an integrated person may not feel. 

Instead of investing energy to balance out contrary forces, would it not be easier to get to a place of integrity and integration? A creative person who worked to reach the place where their creative acts were integral to the rest of their existence would have an easier time creating than if they had to become unbalanced while creating and then have to restore balance to feel stable.

It may be more difficult to stay in integrity than to rebalance, but this does seem to be worth attempting because just as routines are automated behaviors or habits, not requiring much attention to continue, being more permanently balanced in a state of integrity may be easier to maintain than having to reintegrate.

Suppose a creator can come from a place of being integrated and personal integrity. In that case, they can pay less attention to the accolades or criticisms of the outside world and not worry about pandering to others. They can reserve their efforts for doing their best work while being true to themselves.

It is not necessarily the creator’s job to determine how good their work is. It is their job, however, to do the best work they can do. The trick is there may be no market for what they do, in which case they may be able to be compensated for their work.

But considering authors and musicians have a very small chance of making it in the market, they may as well satisfy themselves and then, if the market approves, graciously accept this. If they can find their own internal equinox balanced between all of the forces acting upon them and come from an internal integrity, their chances of doing something wonderful go up by a lot.

Whether you use the words balance or integration is immaterial, what does matter is getting to a solid place where it is difficult to be dislodged because your behaviors are such that they are autocorrecting, freeing you from having to fix yourself and what you are doing.  

Find your own autumnal equinox.