Five Book Innovation Series

Day 190 Week 28 Q3 Monday, July 10, 2023

I have been commissioned to write a series of books about innovation and innovators. Here are the five abstracts for the series:

Involuntary Innovator Abstract

Involuntary Innovator is an overview of an entire five-book series intended to take the reader all the way from what innovation is through how to become a sustainable innovator. The process begins with describing what Innovation is and who innovators are. It then moves on to the population of creative outliers, which innovators emerge from. These people are called creative outliers, for they are certainly more creative than most people buy a substantial margin. A margin substantial enough to call them outliers. In addition to commencing with summarizing lists and introductory context, this book has as its main content twelve chapters of lessons, each on topics that progress toward becoming a sustainable innovator.

Creative Outlier Abstract

Creative Outlier This is about the population from whom innovators emerge. These people have somehow resisted one aspect of societal socialization. Some elements within a society seem to work hard at eliminating creativity, presumably because it is inconvenient for those in charge to deal with a population with too many creative impulses, as they are less manageable and less malleable. Creative outliers tend to do their own thing, and this, in general, is upsetting to authority figures unless they think that there’s a way they can benefit from that person doing their own thing as long as they have traction. But unfortunately, until this is proven, they don’t believe it, and once it is proven that a creative outlier does have traction and is ready to scale, they become harder to exploit. Scaling has to be preceded by traction. Until you are getting somewhere, there is not much point in getting there faster.

MeaningPlace Abstract

MeaningPlace is one of the first things a creative outlier must create. The very act of creating often provides meaning to people who are creative outliers. And they need a place to do it. Some have laboratories, some have studios, and some have offices. Creative outliers generally have to create meaning in their life because they have not necessarily bought into what Society told them matters the most. They’re more interested in creating than consuming, making one of the first things they must do is to create for themselves a MeaningPlace. This contrasts with a marketplace for buying and selling or a meeting place for networking. These are not mutually exclusive, but networkers tend to get meaning externally from other people, and marketers tend to gain meaning by buying, selling, and manipulating what other people want. They gain meaning by making a profit.

Innovation Governance Four Abstract

Innovation Governance describes large differences in the GEMS roles of governance, executives, managers and sole contributors. Governance refers to boards of directors which, for purposes of checks and balances, must be distinct from the executive layer, contrary to what is sometimes the case within new enterprises. The interaction between these roles provides both conduits for idea, flow and checks and balances to make ideas able to be manifest and scaled. Scalability has to be demonstrated before you even reach the point where these four layers of relationships exist. Although there is some mobility between these groups of people, they tend to have different priorities and be at different stages in their life. They certainly have different innovation roles to play.

Harvesting Infinity Abstract

Harvesting Infinity is about the inherent unbounded nature of innovation. Silicon Valley routinely Harvests Infinity because everybody subscribes to an abundance model, greatly contrasting with most other regions’ belief systems. SV assumes small leveraged groups of people can create extremely scalable enterprises, creating tremendous value and wealth in the process. Since the pandemic, the Silicon Valley frame of mind can now be sustainably exported through virtual professional and personal relationships.