Flooding Insights

Day 352 Week 51 Q4 Tuesday, December 19, 2023

We were severely flooded and had seven inches of water in the basement, no power, no heat, and no water, and the river 100 feet from our house in the backyard went from 10 feet wide to 60 feet wide.  But that was all yesterday. Today, I think we will be back to normal in terms of power, heat, and water, but right now, I am sitting wearing many layers of blankets and in a trashed basement with a lot of ruined stuff. But I am in good spirits because I have finally figured out what the ongoing show – event – presentations need to be and why they need to be delivered widely.

Innovation Concert Talks about the nature of Innovation, Innovators, and Innovation Relationships.

The public needs to know about all of these because human beings’ superpower is the ability to adapt, which, in its most extreme form, is called innovation. When power is too centralized because people are afraid and embrace autocracy and reduce or eliminate checks and balances, the net result is not just a decrease in democracy but a decrease in the ability to respond and adapt to reality, which is tantamount to a decrease in the ability to survive. 

Without collaboration and civil discourse, humanity loses the ability to adapt and, therefore, the ability to prevail over difficult circumstances, increasing extinction potential. The information about how to innovate, who innovators are, and how they must behave and deal with each other is on the critical path to survival, but complex information is generally not emotionally relevant enough to be emotionally engaging. Literally Making Information Perform by embedding it within a concert that interleaves music and knowledge in the emotionally engaging manner that only music can provide makes complex messages far more palatable and, therefore, more likely to be digested and comprehended.

These concert talks are based on hundreds of blog postings now being organized into a series of books about the nature of Innovation, Innovators, and Innovation Relationships. These experiences and lessons are derived from decades of experience as a professional musician curious enough about the profound impact music has on humans to complete advanced degrees in physics and engineering focused on sound, audio, electroacoustics, and Digital Signal Processing, as well as becoming a multi-instrumentalist who studied music theory,  composition, and orchestration.

These five decades of swimming in an Innovation Ocean at some of the world’s most exemplary innovation institutions like Bose, MIT, Apple, DARPA, and Juilard culminated in 2000, with becoming the first Distinguished Lecturer of Innovation at the 135-year-old venerable Cogswell Polytechnical College which helped lead to it becoming the Univesity of Silicon Valley, still based on the original Aesthetic Engineering Digital Arts Program which focused and rebranded the school as the place for the Fusion of Art and Engineering. During this evolution from an accredited College into an accredited University granting graduate degrees in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, what is now the Silicon Valley International Innovation Institute was founded in 2005 to help Creative Outliers Turn Vision into Value, Insights into Income, and transform Concepts into Commercial Entities. 

This early morning stream-of-consciousness rant came out of facing seemingly disastrous circumstances, as I realized that being super adaptor-innovators, Carolyn and I rather effortlessly dealt with the crisis and are moving ahead powerfully with not much anxiety nor hesitation. This is not necessarily true for everyone. This is why knowledge about the nature of Innovation, Innovators, and Innovation Relationships is valuable to everyone.