Flywheel Flying

Day 20 Week 3 Q1 Friday, January 20, 2023

A flywheel aims to smooth out the intermittent nature of creative outliers. This works just as well as any other group activities smooth south the contribution of individual contributors but also permits something much greater.  Flywheels that are designed to support the large dynamic range of creative outliers also permit them to fly, that is, to transcend themselves by functioning on a higher level than they do by themselves. The act of smoothing out once intermittent creative nature is also a way of managing one’s internal energy.  That creative energy has to be matched with appropriate tasks in order to flow smoothly into the well-known state called FLOW.

A community of meditators gains a deeper meditative state than any individual can.  The same is true for prayer,  and the same is true for a community of engineers and a community of scientists and a community of artists.  Applying a flywheel to entrepreneurs is much less frequent but also extremely useful.  I was a member of a group called the CEO Club of America, which connected CEOs of small companies to act as each other’s Board of Directors.  We were each too small to afford to pay a formal board, so the concept was to get 10 CEOs, each managing small $2 million companies and get together once a month to act as each other’s board of directors it is an extremely useful unsuccessful enterprise.

The basic notion is even if some members of a flywheel or having an off day or week, or month, resulting in them not functioning at their best level, that this will not be true of the entire group or even the majority of the group. Some of you have witnessed this in a community orchestra where most of the performers are of medium to good quality. Still, when one single excellent musician is brought in, the entire orchestra rises to a new level. In fact, this musician is often called a ringer.

The reason why I create a flywheel is necessary is because it’s not reasonable for a gifted creative outlier to expect normal people in society to understand them.  In general, the only people who can understand gifted people or other gifted people. There is not much help available from someone who does not understand you.  It is not reasonable for creative outliers to expect those who are not like them to be able to meet them where they are.

Therefore creative outliers have to take the responsibility to meet people who are not like them in a place where they already are functioning.  A flywheel of creative outliers can help each other learn how to better communicate their insights to those who are unlike them.

The net result of this activity is farm war and smoothing out intermittent tie dynamic range individuals. It permits the future to be created by people who greatly transcend themselves.

Join a flywheel and learn to fly.