Focus Focus

Day 27 Week 4 Q1  Friday, January 27, 2023

It may sometimes feel like Hocus Plus but concentrated deadline-driven energy can produce astonishingly more in a short period of time than when there is seemingly less of a consequence than the concrete hard stop.  And yes, this awareness ebbs and flows along with the other myriad expectations life puts right in front of us. And yes, I tell myself next time I will get started earlier, but for whatever reason, even if I do a great deal of time exploring options go by. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Hey, it just is a thing and if you have managed to get somewhere in spite of this, at times, annoying behavior. Just acknowledge it and carry on.

I think perhaps some of us are addicted some of the time to the Hocus-Pocus Magic that shows up from the simple act of focusing on pushing us over the line. I admit it. It feels good to pull off something magical or, more often, something almost magical, except it is hard to tell before D-Day.  I think, as the descendent of a knuckle-dragging, not so much more primitive version of myself, that a good Hunt or a good chase does wonders for our health. What, you say, is this unneeded stress? Is it crazy to push yourself in ways your younger self found effortless?

Perhaps, but I think it would be better to die on a hunt of some sort than in a LazyBoy recliner. Hey, the hunt can be mostly in your mind, but when you have not put yourself on the line, for just achievable deliverables, it feels great to cross the line.  Are consequences necessary to drive us forward? Well, it may depend upon how much of a hunter versus a farmer you are. The world assumes that farmers are more civilized than hunters but have you ever lived on a farm? Nature most certainly makes consequences clear all of the time.

And office workers living in the suburbs may be where most of us live, but this nevermore me excited enough to feel consequences, and therefore never motivated me to create. I find the danger of the city and the country to be more compelling than the de-risked suburbs. I also find the danger of founding and running new businesses, departments, or initiatives much more exciting than office work. Laboratories and studios are also places of not only acceptable but necessary risk for me. Is this another outlier attribute?  

As of 2018, about 46 million Americans live in the nation’s rural counties, 175 million in its suburbs and small metros and about 98 million in its urban core counties. I wonder if creative outliers tend to gravitate toward riskier careers and living situations just to be on the hunt.

Or else perhaps it is just the magic of the hocus-pocus only focus can provide. You know it should be easier to do a deep dive when you are less distracted. And perhaps the only way we get to do a deep dive is when the deadline crowds out all of the distractions necessary to live a balanced life. 

I do not know, but the combination of consequences and magic makes me far more engaged in life. So I will likely keep doing it, as annoying as it may be for some. This is a good reason if you are a creative outlier to find people and places that do not resist your creative impulses too much.

Not everyone has the same appetite for risk. Creativity is definitely risky and magical.