Follow Your Process

Day 238 Week 35 Q3 Sunday, August 27, 2023

Did you ever wake up unprepared to do what you knew you had to do? I thought so, me too. And do you have a bulletproof morning routine to straighten you out right? What you don’t? Why not? It is the cheapest insurance in the world. It is guaranteed that at least some of the time, you will not begin the day at 100%. Since you know this for sure, why not do something about it? I did.  I wrote a song called Get Yourself Up, which reminds me it is my responsibility to do just that. I sang it to myself this morning, which totally changed my mood. 

Over the years, I have used meditation, journaling, playing music and many other things to begin my day, but usually not just randomly leaping around between them. From the wisdom literature admonishing everyone to have a morning practice to Julia Cameron’s famous book on Morning Pages to the current bevy of self-help, self-rescue volumes, talks and recordings, people have been telling each other for thousands of years that they can recalibrate themselves and shift their mood and mindset.  

In fact, all people seem obsessed with fixing themselves these days, so why should creative outliers be any different? Perhaps we tend to apply our creativity more to projects than ourselves, even though we are works in progress. 

So take a break and create a morning or other process to get you to wherever you need to go. And there is a good chance you have already done this before. But here is the question? Are you using it or not? You do know what to do. I am sure that you do. Most of us do. But the real problem is we do not do it. When you determine what behaviors you should engage in often enough to habituate, you are most of the way there.  

All that remains is to automate the behaviors your process is comprised of. Once they are automated through habitation, then very little effort is reared to keep them going.  In fact, it may take more effort not to perform these behaviors than to simply do them. If you ever learned to be a lifeguard or play a musical instrument, you know that muscle memory kicks in when it is needed, and you do not have to figure out anything.

Fortify yourself against the difficult days that sometimes occur by developing a process to rescue yourself and then simply do it when called for. You can even get to the point where you occasionally welcome difficulty and setbacks because you have a chance to apply your process and get back on track.

Today was one of those mornings, and yes, it feels great to self-rescue and to remember that this process is available whenever needed.

 Follow Your Process