Foot in Front of the Other

Day 79 Week 12 Q1  Monday, March 20, 2023

Some days the big picture has to wait for the straightforward one foot in front of the other. We all have large dreams, but when you get a flat tire, you can not drive, And even if you own more than one car, if you keep moving from one to the next until they all have something wrong with them, eventually, the flat needs to get fixed. By you or someone else, it does not matter; the time comes when the small stuff can overwhelm the large stuff. And this is when you have to put one foot before the other. 

Last night I arrived home to an impassible thousand-foot-long driveway. My wife and I live in the boonies away from the city, and it can seriously snow in update New York. The combination of two feet of snow and heavy ice downing a dozen large tree limbs and branches across the driveway means even an all-wheel drive off-road vehicle still can not get through. Oh, and did I mention the snow plowing of the road we live off? Days of snow plowing created a wall of hard-packed ice barricading the driveway in front of the snow and downed tree limbs.

Why am I giving you this weather forecast? Because even when you are prepared with the right equipment and know what to do, it still takes time, and there is nothing other than putting one foot in front of the other to walk back down the driveway we hiked in last night having just driven from South Carolina where we were wearing sneakers and t-shirts yesterday to today carrying shovels, chainsaws and more just to get to our car and even make it to the grocery store.

This is neither bad nor unfortunate but simply part of life. Much of what has to be done is putting one foot in front of the other. Not everything requires a ton of brainpower and creativity. Sometimes you just have to dig out and clear the path ahead. This is true in business, art, technology, and everything we do. In fact, as a creative outlier who ostensibly does get to do more creative stuff than the average person, one might think we can avoid this one foot in front of the other routine and simply levitate ourselves over the slow stuff. To some extent, we can and do, but we can never truly eliminate the simple one foot in front of the other stuff.

We still have to sleep, eat, recover from crisis, and do everything everyone must or, should I say, gets to do. Even when we can delegate some things, we can not delegate everything, which can help us stay connected to reality. Yes, I do have to lift a shovel and, heavens, use a chainsaw. In many ways, your computer is often the same kind of tool. Even a surgeon has to sew things up after they perform surgery. It may be a fancier needle and superior thread, but it is still sewing. 

Foot in front of the other!