Forces of ConvergenceĀ 

Day 248 Week 36 Q3 Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Creative Outliers can become hyper-focused when they are on-a-roll involved in a project. This is not always the case because they often scan for options, ideas and external stimuli. It is the in-between state that can be problematic. This is when a force of convergence comes in handy. Now, you can supply your own force of convergence, or it can come from the environment in the form of deadlines, meeting and managing expectations.  One thing is certain: the act of manifesting generally requires some force of convergence. 

The good news is they are widely available from and for everything and everyone. The bad news is they may not be appropriate because they are not causing you to converge on what you want to manifest. And here is where we can get into trouble. We need to be open-minded and tolerant of ambiguity simultaneously and be focused and convergent. These are hard to do at the same time. It is one reason a room full of gifted people may have difficulty determining a specific finite course of action. 

If you are a creative outlier, there is a reasonable chance that you are gifted, meaning you have more ideas, options, and desire to explore. This can often feel like you are in a room full of gifted people, even when you are completely by yourself. I mean, how many different hats do you routinely wear? How many can you wear? How do you take some of those hats off for perhaps long periods of time?

This is where the force of convergence is most welcome. Or at least a force of convergence because there is not likely only one possible one. Well, having a trip or a performance coming up usually does a good job of forcing convergence and or living in a place that actually has seasons that differ from each other enough to be a constant and strong reminder. Then there is always the mirror as you see yourself aging or the often cited death-bed perspective. 

Everything from global warming and climate change to an auction or interview can be such forces. Pick your poison because not all convergence forces are equally strong, beneficial or even useful. Some of them cause you to converge in ways that are not useful, meaningful or relevant to you.

I guess we have another thing we need to manage: the fires of convergence, external and internal, that not only slightly impinge upon us but can also grab us by the throat. Have you ever asked yourself what your forces of convergence are causing you to manifest?

Are these forces causing you to gain or lose twenty pounds or write a symphony? You can be certain that forces of convergence are at work where manifesting is immanent. Also, when manifesting is not occurring, you may lack suitable forces of convergence.

Take a look and find out.