Foreground not Background

Day 343 Week 50 Q4 Sunday, December 10, 2023

There is a vast difference between foreground and background. Say you are a musician playing in a restaurant. You are background; people did not come there to hear you, most likely. It is possible that a few did, but most did not.

Say you are part of a pitch competition, where you are to present the business plan of your company because assembled there potential investors. Well, you are still in part of the background because people did not come there to see you, but they did come there to see somebody like you. You are still not in the foreground completely, but you can be for a short period of time.

What if you attend an open microphone to perform some sort of an act, and you are on the stage in front of everybody for 15 to 20 minutes? That is a little closer to a pitch competition, but again, you are not the primary reason people have shown up.

The most significant difference is when you have to do something because you are the reason that people have shown up. If you were giving a talk or performing a one-person show, which, by the way, are both Entertainment in some form, you would know that people have come specifically to hear you and to see you, and they have an expectation. They would like you to take them someplace.

Where would you like to take them? Where would they like to be taken? Do you have the right to take them somewhere? Do you have the responsibility to take them somewhere? Do you have the ability to take them somewhere?

Your assumption has to be that the answer to all of the above questions is yes. To some extent, you have been vetted by whoever is creating the event, and to another extent, the promise has been accepted by the people who have shown up. This may be more true if they have paid good money to hear you, or perhaps the real reason is they have given of their time and of their free will shown up because they have an expectation that this will be worth their while.

Well, now that we have cleared that up, if you were to be a foreground presenter, you are entitled to be there, and you have the ability to make it worth peopleā€™s while to be there with you. This is exciting news because you have graduated from being in the background to being in the foreground. If you have ever led anything, like a team or a band or a company, you know what it means to be upfront and responsible and in charge.

The audience in front of you when you are in the foreground is like your team or your company, and they have expectations, and you need to deliver value to them. Now that you have decided to be in the foreground, the possibility of being a professional emerges. Until that time, you are still in the background.