Forest Fairy Magic

Day 116 Week 17 Q2 Thursday, April 27, 2023

Forest Fairy Magic

Some mornings are just magical. Who knows why? In part, it comes from within and partly from the ether or the cosmos, but I have a secret weapon. As a real-time composer aka, Improviser, I can sometimes, not all times, capture the moment’s feeling. Today it is an overcast early spring day where; the season is still trying to decide if it has changed or not yet. The snow has melted, and it is getting a lot greener but not totally green yet. And using some physically modeled keyboard instruments, I was able to create an appropriate timbre to improvise with. It is in the attached audio cut, which is not yet a piece of music if it ever gets there, but it is a feelings sampler of this morning’s vibe.  

As a creative outlier, I am sure you also get these feelings of being on the way, but not quite there yet. We are all works in progress, and we are also all working on works in progress. Not everything can always be neatly defined or put into a category. Sometimes these intermediate indeterminate states are so juicy that you want to hang out there, where there is clearly more potential than is being manifest.  Do you always feel the need to rush to definition or completion? If you are a composer, there can be some harmonic ambiguity where you are simultaneously in more than one key. This is actually how you gracefully transition from being, say, in the key of D minor into Ab major. 

Our professional lives can also be this way. Even if you start a new job with a new title, there may be lingering parts of the old job still present, and the new job has not yet been set up and gelled. These intermediate states can be delicious. At least they can for me, for they are times with the most potential, not yet having manifested a destination or a landing point. Can you stay in this state? Or is it bothersome to you? Do you always crave unambiguous definitions, or can you linger in the in-betweens?   

Matter typically is considered to come in three varieties of state: solid, liquid and gas. Have you ever considered plasma? It is an in-between state of matter, and there may be more of it than the other three. Look it up; there are many definitions. 

In reality, we are usually in between. We are neither beginners nor experts in most of what we do. Our titles most certainly do not define who we are even though we may freely exchange them to let other people know what? What we are not? What we are partially? Who we want to be? Things are not nearly as defined as some people prefer. And it makes them nervous. The world is constantly changing, as are you and everything you do. If you are truly a creative outlier, this is more true for you than if you were not in that category.

In fact, is the category of creative outlier even defined? Perhaps some of the time you are and some of the time you are not? Or you used to be more than you are now. I am placing all of these in a bucket I am calling this morning Forest Fairy Magic and enjoying the delicacy of the ambiguity which threatens at any moment to become defined. The sun may come out, or it may start to rain. Much of our life is in between, and that is perfectly okay.