Forever Options 

Day 261 Week 38 Q3 Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Have you ever had an idea about a project that might need some parts or tools, and then began to accumulate to wherewithal to do this, and found out that you dove deeper and deeper until you had created enough options to last forever?

I have this disease of diminishing returns, generating forever options. It is hard to beat yourself up for doing things that are so developmental and creative, except that they are not necessarily on the path to completing anything. Or they are on the path to completing many different things, not just one thing.

There are ways in which this is terrific and terrible, and that is the problem with having more. More options, more ideas, more distractions, more goals, and more dreams. The good news is I will never be bored and probably never be boring, either.

But there comes a time to stop creating forever options and just complete some of the things in front of you. You generally do not get paid for learning. You get paid for delivering. And yes, the argument can be made that the more learning you do, the more capable of delivering in the future you will be, except what happens if the future is already here, as it most certainly is.

That is when it is time to make a to-do list and stick to it, and if the day is not already gone, there are still many hours left, and there’s time to do so, which is why it is wonderful to get up early. Because you can spend some of those extra hours that you were awake, doing some extra exploring and learning and still have time left to satisfy what needs to be done.

It is wonderful having begun the day already dreaming, exploring, discovering and learning. I realize this is a great privilege that not everyone has, so I need to be grateful and appreciate it. But I also need to get to work on the things that need to be done as well. It can be a difficult balancing act when you are more adept at dreaming than doing. But I would not want it any other way.

And fortunately, doing doesn’t take all that much of my time. And I can still get enough done to stay ahead of what is expected of me.  Therefore, it does not look like I will ever stop creating forever options because I can, and I love to, and perhaps these options will be of use to other people as well if I can figure out how to write them down.

Still, it is time to get to work!