Forget Yesterday

Day 180 Week 26 Q2 Friday, June 28, 2024

We all have many thoughts, experiences, and dreams. But the reality of today, exclusive of our thoughts, experiences, and dreams, does not care about what we think. It cares about who we are and what we do. Yes, thoughts precede actions often, but not all of the time. However, the actions did occur, and they have some meaning right now.

We have to practice choiceless awareness. In other words, pay attention to what actually exists, not what you want to exist, how to exist, or think may exist, but what does exist. Of course, it may be useful to ask how it got this way or why it got this way.

But more importantly, what way is it? Can we trust ourselves to be able to tell? Can we tell right away, or do we need to let things sink in and evaluate them? Can our perceptions simply be wrong or biased in some way? Most certainly.

This is why I seek evidence and try not to practice data-free decision-making. Sure, it is much easier to make your decisions based on how you feel, and often, that is superior to what we think. 

But what about reality? What about what exists independently of what we feel or think? How can you tell what reality is? Well, there is something called the scientific method. It consists of performing experiments to observe what happens. If a large number of people perform the same experiment a large number of times and all get the same answer, then it might be true. If it has been true consistently, independent of observer over time in space, then you can probably say you have moved from a hypothesis to a theory.

If you are hungry today, does it matter whether you ate yesterday? If you’re cold today, do you need to know the weather forecast? If you’re hungry, eat, and if you’re cold, put on something warmer. And if things change, act correspondingly. If you are in danger, take steps to get out of danger.

One thing is certain: Things are changing constantly, and if you ignore what is happening right now and instead focus on yesterday, you will have problems. On the other hand, if you do try to take advantage of new tools, new processes, and new realities, they may take more time to embrace than to continue to do the same old thing. In other words, it can be more difficult to be present than to be in the past. Maybe this is why so many people resist change and prefer to live in the past. It is because they’re used to it..

You made need to constantly evaluate current situations and not presume because you understood them in the past that you understand them now. You can, however, assume that because you were able to understand things in the past, you will be able to understand them in the present. 

So forget yesterday.