From a Melodic Fragment 

Day 029 Week 04 Q1 Monday, January 29, 2024

Music can begin in many ways. A melody fragment, a rhythmic impulse, or a harmonic movement can all lead you forward. And three hours can vanish in a moment. And so many different ideas can come forth that you just have to stop to take a breath and try to understand where this is going. But before taking that breath, you better make sure to capture some form of the idea or some portion of the idea.

Over a dozen captured files later, generated by multiple apps for recording sound, recording a movie to see fingering, capturing mide for scoring purposes, and attempting to perform harmonic analysis using my internal processor, my brain, and several external ones, not to mention trying out the idea and variation on multiple instruments has resulted in so much information that I am choking on it and may need a nap.

And I just discovered my niece is in the hospital right now about to deliver her first child, so it seems this three-hour birthing frenzy is likely synchronistically about that.  Two new entities are about to be born, both with significantly more assistance than in prior years, although the birthing process has been around since before we were conscious. New entities, from organisms to works of art, spring from us somewhat unbidden and not entirely understood, but when it is time, it is time.

Usually, it gets quite messy instantly and never gets completely cleaned up as new entities take on a life of their own beyond what you brought to the event. Are these newlings desired and cared for? Consciously conceived? Or part of the ether of being alive in the flux of birth and death? These are mysteries that, although contemplated for millennia, are still magical, and by that, I mean not entirely understood.

New roles come from these new births. In the same way that children produce parents, artistic emanations produce artists.  We may think they come from us, but we also come from them. We are also like melodic fragments, which can develop in infinite ways with infinite variations. 

With or without apps and other appliances designed to ease the delivery and subsequent nurturing of the variations, the process proceeds, and no, we are clearly not entirely, or even mostly, in control. This is not a problem but a wonderment to be embraced, for tremendous growth comes from the birthing process. All of that wondering and attempting to explain and understand is not very relevant to the new living entities that spring forth.

The new goes forward and reinvents us along the way. A lot can come from a melodic fragment.