Day 197 Week 29 Q3 Monday, July 17, 2023

SVIII helps creative outliers to evolve toward becoming sustainable innovators. The world usually needs a lot more problem solvers. Our current time period is no exception and right now we generally call these people who bring us tomorrow, innovators. Innovation is not just about tech, its is also about business and art, as well as food distribution and energy production. As innovation is relativistic, it can be local or global. Innovation can also apply well-established ideas from one field to another, so it does not have to be a big deal breakthrough but innovations do have to be adopted, not just proposed.

SVIII is more concerned with innovators than innovations already well-covered and addressed. Innovators are the people that make everything happen, and as such, they are the most important resource on the planet the human resource. SVIII is not about generalized human resources but about becoming innovators.

Innovators do not just magically appear. They come from the population of creative outliers, the people with the insights and ideas. At some level, most people are born as creative outliers, but over time they stop being creative mostly due to negative feedback coupled with the need to pay the bills. Most employers are not very enthusiastic about paying people for activities they do not yet know how to perform well.

Creative outliers tend to be diminishing returns kinds of people. They know it takes a long time to get things right, especially when dealing with the unknown and widespread resistance to new ideas. Creative outliers derive much meaning in their lives from the act of creating, which often feels involuntary.

Fortunately, creative outliers are often excellent starters full of ideas and energy. This is not the same thing as being an innovator. It is on the path to becoming a sustainable innovator, but there are many steps between insight and adoption and most ideas are never adopted. Some of the time, this is because they are not such good ideas, at least initially, but more of the time, it is because of creative outliers; while they do know how to create and ideate, do not necessarily yet know how to innovate which requires significant buy-in of others. 

There are clear pathways to evolve from being a creative outlier to a sustainable innovator whose work product is adopted. One major transition that has to occur is from traction to scaling. Creative outliers first need to get to where they have traction before scaling is possible. Investors and most stakeholders create more about scaling and presume traction has already been achieved.   SVIII is about aiding creative outliers in getting traction and scaling so they can become sustainable innovators who can harvest infinity.