From Talking to Doing 

Day 201 Week 29 Q3 Friday, July 21, 2023

In all new projects, especially when in startup mode, there needs to be a certain amount of getting to know each other and psychically feeding the initial group to make it worth their while even to show up and especially to show up regularly enough to begin to get traction as a group. Over-egalitarianism generally does not occur rapidly enough for escape velocity to be reached. This forces upon those who may be reluctant to lead the awareness that without leading, there is no there, there. And therefore, new enterprises collapse under their own weight. Some of the time, there is capital feeding going on either from find accumulation or find raising but capital is not enough of a motivation to engage the cofounder-type individuals you want to concrete and collaborate with. 

So the question comes up regarding the graceful dance between being a servant of the group and the effort of leading. And the answers that arise have a lot to do with the state of security of all those involved. It is much easier to deal with both yourself and the others you would like to work with if all involved have decent self-esteem and not too much fear.  You need some fire n the belly, people, and this means they have a problem; they have a fire in the belly, so in general, it means they are not where they want to be, and neither are you, so this should be compatible, and it is as long as there is adequate leadership to get somewhere.

And the way to bridge the gap is by doing, not by dreaming and planning, even though they play an important role initially. What is the optimum time to switch from dreaming to doing? As soon as possible is the best time. But when is it possible? It depends, and you will know when you know, and this takes experience. It takes founder experience, and this is why people who lead well or at least decently have generally led before, and that is not everyone. 

Then the most difficult emerges in the form of the dichotomy of leading and doing because they both have to be attended to at the same time. If you are bootstrapping an idea or an enterprise instead of collateralizing it with capital, then it is a dance of the psyche, not of the wallet.

Is external or internal capital funding the shortcut it appears to many to be? If it takes years to raise capital, what were you doing in the interim that kept your interest enough to bother?

Balancing dreaming and doing is not for the faint of heart. In general, they both more clarity and more energy than most people have available to them is necessary.

But this is something you must conquer, so get going!