Full Agenda Kickstart

Day 320 Week 47 Q4  Wednesday, November 16, 2022

There is nothing like a full set of commitments to force the creation of a schedule and a budget. This is why it is said if you want tog get something done, give it to a busy person. And sometimes, there can be a shortcut. If you are not already, make yourself that busy person and then you will have to fit the net task into a larger pile, making it easier to address. This works well unless you are in straw and camel territory about to break, which is always a possibility. But assuming you are somewhere between fairly open and totally committed, there does come a time that, without a schedule, a mess is likely to ensue. 

And as creative outliers, this is not an infrequent occurrence, for creative outliers are not known for strict, orderly workflows. Emotions are a different sort of taskmaster than logic. Just as artists are different than administrators, well, the bad news is when your plate is full, you may have to bring back out your inner administrator. What if you do not have one?  Sure you do; it has just been sidelined while you were engaged by more emotionally relevant stuff.

But there comes a time when your emotions commit you to a large pile of things that just really have to happen and unless you are willing to let go of them, you are ogling to have to reduce entropy and create some more order unless you have the perfect order of the monkey with his hand in the jar not willing to let go of any marbles. 

Apart from attempting to manage using old animal analogies, there really is the issue that when you become fully engaged by a pile of tasks that you get to do, after all they were your ideas right, the some sort of increase in structure is called for. Wow, you may even need to set an alarm clock or two. 

But the good news is there was not much of a need to create a tight schedule until you were fully engaged by a pile of commitments and if you find yourself now needing to reduce the entropy of winging it, this is very good news.  As creative outliers, you have probably created a pile of commitments that you wanted to create because they mattered to you, and now you get to organize them into some sort of structure that roughly resembles a schedule.

Guess it is time to apply some of the excess creativity to creating containers for the creativity and then ordering them into a reasonably stable structure.

I call this the Full Agenda Kickstart.

And no, it is not a drag; it is a thing that you get to do because you have finally come up with a large pile of commitments which hopefully has something to do with your large pile of dreams. Therefore it is time to love the mess you created, for now, you get to do what you always wanted to do, right?