Gestation and Deployment 

Day 93 Week 14 Q2  Monday, April 3, 2023

These are two important and distinct modes in the life of a Creative Outlier. The first act of creating is often performed alone and in quiet without others. It depends greatly on whether you are an independent or what used to be called Sole Contributor. Writers write, and painters paint, which is usually done alone and takes a lot of time. Even highly leveraged executives who spend many hours working with and leading others have to spend time by themselves to sort things out and do some background research and checking. Whether you are in business or the arts, some alone time is needed to sort things out, and I am calling this the gestation mode. It is when you do not want to be distracted. Most creative people spend considerable time in this mode, creating and recreating plans, works, speeches, and whatever.

Newcomers usually neglect the other critical mode of the creative life, and I am calling this deployment.  This mode has parts that are alone, just as gestation has parts that are shared, but for the most part, it has to be performed with others. In order to get from being a creative outlier to a sustainable innovator, you have to consider deployment. How will you get this creation of yours out into the world? It can not be experienced or adopted if no one sees, hears, or experiences it.

Yes, there can be elements of each mode in the other, but for the most part, they are distinct. As many or even most creative endeavors are not guaranteed to make money or even be discovered or experienced, there is work to be done in this dimension by the creative party, at least until and if they gain the leverage of others doing it for them but that is the extreme minority.

For the most part, creators do have to consider deployment, and part of that is considering themselves to be, in addition to artistic entities, fiscal entities. In short, you have to be entrepreneurial because you are actually going to spend a considerable amount of time being a small businessperson. 

Even if you are famous and leveraged, you did have to consider deployment on the way to getting there.  There are many logistical concerns, which usually cost money and always take time. The time and the money parts are related. You can pay for some things if you can afford it, but there are parts of deployment you must take responsibility for and wrestle into submission.

You do not necessarily have to be an artist or creative outlier if you are a business person. Still, if you are a creative outlier artist, you do also have to be a businessperson. This is not a problem or a bad thing, as we all need constraints to act as a force of convergence upon our creative selves. 

You may as well accept this in advance as this is much more pedant than having it thrust upon you by others if you have not.

Remember, gestation and deployment are both necessary to be a sustainable innovator.