Get Up and Show Up

Day 161 Week 24 Q2 Sunday, June 9, 2024

I read a variant of this in a Fire Department publication this morning, and the infinite number of variants that simultaneously came flooding in hit the spot for me. Many qualifying or expanding phrases can be prepended, inserted, or appended to it, but this is the most minimal one that works for me. It goes without saying that without showing up, not much good will ever happen. What does need to be said regarding the GetUp part is you are going to have to be down before you get up, and whether you take this to mean depressed or asleep is your choice, for they both work.

I am choosing to take it both ways that I can not get up in the morning unless I go to sleep the night before, and if I want to get up with any energy, then I had better go to sleep at a reasonable time, and that sometimes, even most times, you have to get down before you get up.

Another aspect of this simple observation relates to a somewhat parallel observation: tension and release are engaging. This is especially true in music, but can it also be true conversationally or in writing? And how much tension is the right amount before the release? There are large difference cultural differences between that one, which I discovered being a native New Yorker when far afield from that city.

Probably, being continuously exposed to almost unceasing stimulation shifts one’s thresholds of stress acceptability, which is why the popular song says If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere.

What do all of these phrases have to do with being a Creative Outlier?  They are all amplified and magnified because the nature of our outlier-ness effectively places us in a culture of our own, with its ways of dealing with being up and down and stressed and resolved. We can get more down and more up and more stressed and more relieved than the norm. This just comes with the territory. 

But one phrase will always ring true: Get Up and Show Up. That means you need to not only create something but also deploy it. Unlistened to music, unseen artwork, and unexpressed feelings, when too accumulated, can become toxic or, at a minimum, just slow you down. And when this happens, you have to Get Up and Show Up.