Getting Ahead of the Curve

JJ Day 028 Week 04 Q1 Sunday, January 28, 2024

Today, I completed what I thought would take several more days to accomplish, and it feels really good. I guess perhaps I should try this more often. I wonder if it was simply an expectation adjustment process outcome. Could it be that when we are behind the curve, it is our own fault for having unreasonable expectations of how long it should take to accomplish things? Is the way to always feel better to expect less? By the way, expecting less does not mean getting less done, it just means making it easier to exceed our expectations.

Are all creative outliers terribly ambitious? Or is it just me and everyone I know? I know I do not drive at the same speed as I did fifty years ago, and it does not bother me at all. In fact, I assume I was speeding almost all of the time, which I guess can be attested to by the large number of speeding tickets I got as a younger person. Hmm, did I get anywhere faster by speeding? Definitely. But did it matter? Probably not so much.

What is this obsession with speed? Perhaps it is another example of the more is better mindset. As I am now older than a teenager, I have finally outgrown the more is better operations model and have concluded that quality does, in fact, win out over quantity. It took a few extra decades to determine this, but now I am comfortably in that zone. 

Although this is unfamiliar territory to me, at least, getting ahead of the curve does seem to have a lot of potential benefits. The greatest benefit seems to be my relationship with myself, something which appears to matter as we get older and face spending more time with ourselves. I wish I had discovered slow earlier. Of course, there isn’t anyone who thinks I am slow; they think I am blazingly fast, but that is compared to their reality, not my reality. In my reality, there were two speeds – very fast or not at all. But there is the concept of an average speed.

Instead of procrastinating until I had to be a speed demon, just to not fail, with the average speed actually being more moderate, I suppose there is the possibility of actually having a more moderate speed and not having to rush like mad to deal with habitual procrastination.  Maybe this is an ego thing? Maybe the ability to go as fast as blazes made me feel better about myself.

All I can say is it feels nice to have a choice somewhere else, rather than only between burning rubber and being stuck. I know this is only the first day, but it could be a good idea, now that I have entered my 70s, to stop acting like I am in my 20s.

Just a thought, and hey, it might pass.