Getting in the Zone

Monday, February 5, 2024 at 8:34:02 AM Eastern Standard Time

Sometimes, when you do something enough times and for long enough, you get to a new place. Or at least a place with a familiar vibe that is not quite the same but familiar enough to know that you are in the zone. What does this mean? It has something to do with expression being matched with how you feel. And since you never feel exactly the same, being in the one is also not the same, but the feeling of being matched is the same, only better because as you advance in time, experience, and ability to express yourself, you enter the Zone. Everyone from elite athletes to musicians gets there, and somewhat regularly, as that is what is expected of them and what they are paid for.

If they stop being able to get in the zone, they stop being of interest to their audience, customers, and sponsors. In short, they lose important stakeholders. But the single most important stakeholder is YOU, and if you have not gotten into the zone in a long time, you can begin to forget that you ever were there at all.

This is what makes unexpectedly re-entering the zone so gloriously intoxicating and dangerous. For you forget where you are, who you are, and what time it is, and yes, the psychological community has been calling this being in flow since Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly “Mike” Csikszentmihalyi coined the phrase in his 1990 book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

It is when we are functioning at our very highest level, and once you have tasted this, your life changes forever. And this is why getting in the zone, or in Flow, can feel so familiar yet different every time. It is the feeling of transcending yourself. This is a very welcome feeling, for there are no problems, no issues, no restrictions, and no obstacles because there is also no you.

Getting rid of yourself is a very freeing experience, and for some, it is a routine experience, although it does not ever feel routine. Once you have habituated the behavior patterns that get you into the zone, you can, to some extent, count on getting there; although some of the time it can be elusive, other times it can be instantaneously achieved.

It is not only a very cool thing, it is the coolest thing. And there are a wide range of many ways to get there, from orgasm to meditation. And these can be combined as well.

In any case, getting into the zone can also be a matter of degree, and it is also why people become drug addicts for getting high can approximate the zone, but it is not the same thing, nor is it as useful. Fortunately, I discovered when I was nineteen, after fairly brief experimentation, that you could get there faster, easier, more safely, and cheaper without any drugs.

For me, there is not much that is any better than Getting into the Zone.