Getting on Down

Day 295 Week 43 Q4 Monday, October 23, 2023

Monday morning and another management crisis. When is it not so? Not even if you are retired. If you have volition and are still firing on all cylinders, there is always a problem or three to be solved. Is it a crisis? Perhaps not to you. To you, it is simply another opportunity to solve a problem or take advantage of something you noticed or even created in the past.  It depends on your disposition, whether you think it is a Monday morning crisis or opportunity.

For me, it is just getting down the road. I seem to be unable to resist tinkering even if things seem okay because I imagine taking them up a notch to the next level. Does this sometimes break things that were perfectly good enough? Of course, it does, and that is why backups were created. We all tend to, at times, break things, and even if we are not the responsible party, we are still responsible for making sure we have backups to recover when needed.

Often, the determination of crisis or adventure is: do you have a backup? This is why nondestructive editing was invented. Unfortunately, this does not work with people or relationships, which is why I tinker with files more than with people.

Part of getting on down is the determination of what you can mess with. I try not to mess with unrecoverable things like relationships the first thing in the morning when some people are preverbal. They may not be ready to have a conversation, but they can still be hurt, so break a file or something else you have a backup of.

This is the problem with being a manager or executive: much of your creativity is applied to things that do not have backups.  And this means you can not be as cavalier as you were when creating content or hardware. This translates into reduced degrees of freedom, which is the bane of creative outliers’ existence. 

Maximum freedom and flexibility feel a lot better on a Monday morning than having your entire day predefined. At least, it does for me because I am even worse than a creative outlier. I am an involuntary innovator, and I can tell you from experience not all situations need innovation all of the time.  

So when getting on down for me, there have to be adequate degrees of freedom in the day, especially on a Monday morning when the world looks fresh until interruptions intrude. This is why I spend time up and doing things, sometimes breaking things, before most of the world is up and about. Creation is part of my morning calibration process to be getting on down, which is why I have been listening to a piece I improvised this morning before starting to write this.