Give it to a Busy You

Day 16 Week 3 Q1  Monday, January 16, 2023

You have all heard the expression if you want something done give it to a busy person?  Well, what if the busy person is you? I am not saying delegation is bad. I am saying if you are not sufficiently loaded up with things to do, especially things you kine to do, then you are not operating optimally. What if you are trying to get something new started and only doing it halfway and then some sort of external deadline comes along and you have to choose been the prior thing and the new thing but you do not want to let go of either one? Is this always the choice? Do you have an either-or life? Or are there energy reserves within you ready to be freed up and activated?

Were you ever happily crusing along thinking hey I am doing okay? I have my energy and my responsibilities and my schedule all in balance and no worries. And hey I am sort of doing okay not dropping too many balls and no one is displeased with me. Well, I have to ask if you are excited enough. Are you so echoed that you can not wait to get going in the morning and do not run out of energy until you really do have to go to sleep? And do you even have time to take a nap here and there? And no problem, everything is under control, and you are relaxed.  But perhaps ignoring some giant projects that look to overwhelming to tackle? Are you waiting for the energy to show up that will get you all revved up and ready to take on the world?

I have to ask if you think this is a simple energy equation. Rest more, destress, relax and then you will accumulate the time and the energy to jump on that large stuff just not exactly right now. Well, this could be the case, that you are needing to recover from putting out a ton of energy and reaching some sort of milestones and that you truly need to rest and recover. We all do. Or could it be that the large really important life-affirming stuff is just being put on hold because it is overwhelming as after all you can still tell your self I have not failed because I have not tried? Been there, done that. If your energy is dwindling perhaps you are saying hey I had a productive life and my friends are retiring and I have done enough to justify riding off into the sunset. And hey this may in fact be true, especially if you have had a good run and are getting on. 

Or could it be there is another terrific initiative or three left within you? But they all seem like way too much trouble. Are that easy chair or fishing dock or snooze in front of the fire is beckoning? Hey, you deserve it, right, so take it and be happy. But what if you have already done that and retired once when you were forty, and again when you were sixty, and now a few more years have gone by, and although you are relaxed and things are going fine, you have the sense that perhaps you are missing some of the earlier fire you once had. What do you say you never had any fire? Well, congratulations you are saner than I am, which come to think of it , may not be too difficult. But what if you have once felt the power of a thousand-horsepower engine and it was you? What if you spend a considerable amount of time burning rubber because nothing was ever going as quickly as you wanted it to?

Hey, we do not want administrators to operate with as much abandon as performance artists and entrepreneurs. I mean do you want your fire commissioner to be taking chances of the new gear for the new year? What’s that, you say? You, are not a fire commissioner? Or you are, but can do that with one hand tied behind your back? Well, my prescription for you is the one I have seemingly given myself recently although I do not recall when. Jump into that large initiative you have been avoiding. Begin the new really gnarly project that might be life-affirming. Take the chance to fail. Get out of that chair and that retirement frame of mind. You might fail, and hey it will not kill you. You have failed before, right? What never? Come on – you never took any chances and blew it? Well, then it is time because you just might find incredible reserves of energy that you had not seen in a while and thought perhaps they had dissipated.

Maybe all you needed was some risk in your life. The risk of being who you always wanted to be? The big kahuna project that has been turning over in your mind for a long time, but there never was time, and now you are saying there is no longer energy? Well, I have good news for you. Have you ever heard of resonance or load matching or impedance matching? All of these are technical terms for what happens when the right source meets the right situation, energy can flow like crazy. You can be like that string which, when plucked, rings and rings and rings. That is called sustain.

Did you ever wonder how a tiny flute could fill an entire concert hall without a microphone? This is called resonance. Look it up. Could you resonate? If you are playing the right tune by doing the right project or are engaged in the right tasks, you end up finding a lot more energy. What if it is hard to find the energy to fix the deck, but then you decide to write a symphony and have enough power to light up a small city? What is that, you say? You live in a small town, not a small city, and there is no outlet for big energy projects, and there are no startups in town?

Fine, create one or more new projects, and if they are appropriate for who you are, the energy will magically appear, and if they are not, you will be tired until you die. Think about the deathbed perspective. What if you just found out you did not have too much time left? Would you go off and take a nap or throw off your self-imposed shackles and come out fighting? Well, you do not need together a terminal diagnosis to get motivated or to get discombobulated. You can tell yourself which you want to be. It is a choice. 

Remember, in this age where we have transcended geographic proximity, it is easier to start something new with people you have not met yet, than ever before.

I choose energy, and to boogie till I drop.