Gracious Gratitude

Day 112 Week 17 Q2 Sunday, April 21, 2024

And when things seem to be going your way, acknowledge it. Acknowledge it to yourself, acknowledge it to those around you, and especially acknowledge it to your benefactors or those who contribute to making things go your way. None of us exist as an island. We are all part of the larger fabric of friends, family, and society.

When we are in a good relationship with those around us and with ourselves, we should be grateful for this and act graciously. That means not having false modesty or false superiority. Just be natural and be yourself. Do not put on airs, and do not complain. Do not drop names, and do not boast.

Be gracious. Move smoothly between your actions, both the planned ones and the unplanned ones. If you can walk with grace and still be grateful, then you are on the right path. It would’ve been nice if I did not have to be in my eighth decade to get to this, but hey, don’t complain.

Be grateful, be graceful, and AMOR FATI. That means love your life or love fate, depending on where you think your life comes from. It does not matter why things are happening; it just matters that they are and that you have to acknowledge them. There comes a time in life when poor behavior is no longer acceptable for some. That comes when they’re very young and for others, not at all. But if you want to be connected to yourself and the universe, you may practice choiceless awareness as well.

Since you cannot count on things going well all the time, you may as well get used to having to restart and get back on the horse when you fall off. You can fall off your exercise regime or your creation routine, and sometimes, the larger occurrences in life bump you off your path.

Get back on it as soon as you can, but don’t kill yourself doing this. Be gentle with yourself because if you’re not, you’re not going to be able to be gracious to others either. The act of creativity contains a potential disruption within it, and in fact, I prefer to have a certain amount of risk involved in my endeavors. I do not want to do everything that’s going to happen. I do not want to completely de-risk my existence because if I do, then I am not living fully.

It doesn’t mean going out of your way to take unnecessary risks, but it does mean not just staying on the straight and narrow path because you will miss most of what matters in life.

Take chances, fall down, and get back up gracefully and with gratitude. Accept your circumstances and even more than accept them, embrace them. The alternative is to not be very happy, so when things happen, accept them and move ahead.