Graduate Internally

Day 135 Week 20 Q2 Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Most of the time, graduations are external events. We graduate from schools, programs, training, initiations, and all of the other milestones created, by humanity to signify moving to the next level.  And the word gradual seems to apply because there is generally a process that precedes graduation. A process of learning and the process of preparing. Well, what if the most important graduations of all are internal?  After all the internal movement is the greatest movement, not the external.

I am asking interview to graduate today from being a creative outlier to a sustainable innovator, and there is an in-between step. The in-between step is to become a leveraged innovator. What is a leveraged innovator? A leveraged innovator is a person who has some stakeholders. This is necessary because one-person size dreams are not large enough for Innovation. Innovation requires adoption by others, and before something is adopted, art has to be excepted.

There is a dividing line in the life of a creative outlier. This is when a person’s insights have become manifest and recognized. And there’s no coming back over that line because the feeling of empirical validation is so delicious. You have an idea, it stirs around within you, and then you take some steps toward manifesting it, and eventually, 1 foot in front of the other, you get there, and the idea has become real.

The idea may feel real while inside you, but until it gets out and can be experienced by others, it can not be validated. There has to be some experiential version of insight for others to be able to support you. They can support your ideation and your conversation and hang out with you. But the idea has to move beyond words that are internal into action. 

And for this to happen, it helps to internally graduate from wanting to be something to actually being something. It is much harder to get leverage if you doubt your new identity and what sort of things this new person can do. And you do need to get leveraged; otherwise, you cannot become an innovator and will remain a creative outlier.

There is a dividing line in the life of every creative outlier, where they go from having traction to having support. Until you can support yourself, why would others want to support you? Unless you were still a child who is still growing? But once you have passed the age of 10 or thereabouts. It is time to graduate internally.

There will always be ambiguity when entering into a new arena before you have proven yourself to yourself. If you wait for others to validate you, it will take much longer than if you simply validate yourself because you cannot imagine doing anything else or failing.

Graduate Internally now!