Hard can be Easy

Day 016 Week 03 Q1 Tuesday, January 16, 2024

There are oh so many tasks that I avoid because I do not feel like doing them, and they can magnify in my mind to become increasingly difficult. At times, a task that can be completed in an hour can be avoided for weeks because there were two hours worth of tasks that had to precede it. By breaking the task into three days, each with a one-hour task, it can become trivially easy and even fun. But during the three weeks of avoidance, one can consume countless hours or at least a lot more than three. 

This is perplexing and vexing, for it makes no sense, but many of us fall prey to these silly time wasters. Why is this? When we complete the avoided tasks and feel such a sense of relief, it seems so insane. Could it be we like the rush of completion and artificially magnify the difficulty to experience a greater-than-deserved sense of fulfillment? 

I really do not know, except it may have to do with prioritization. There are always more tasks than there is time for, and that is a given. Perhaps there were simply other priorities that had to be attended to first, and perhaps there were other extenuating circumstances. For example, the person you were to deliver a result to would neither see, process, nor respond to your completed task if it were delivered earlier.

Then, is it procrastination, or is it good time management? We can make what is easy hard, and we can also make what is hard easy. I guess it depends on how we feel that day or during that time period. Some days, everything is easy, and other days, everything is hard. It is hard to understand why.

If you get into the habit of paying forward and getting things done in advance, you can certainly make hard, easy, or easier. And sometimes you can easily do this. Other times, not at all. It does pay to be aware of which frame of mind you are in, but not pile so many tasks on that you drag yourself down to the point where easy becomes hard.

On the other hand, when in the right frame of mind, life can be relatively effortless. Only you can match your capabilities with the load you choose to carry. If you have a boss telling you what to do, they may disagree with you, and this is unfortunate. It is also the reason to be capable of things that have a high barrier to entry.

Unfortunately, this does not only apply to prevailing overzealous supervisors but also if you work for yourself.  You can be even harder on yourself than others, so watch it and get into the zone where hard becomes easy instead of the other way around.

Hard can be Easy